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What you can expect from our boiler & heating leads

Our transparent and ethical approach to lead generation produces a supply of quality boiler leads which repeatedly turn into customers for UK heating engineers.

We put all of our boiler sales leads through a qualifying process to ensure genuine intent from the customer – otherwise we don’t make it available to buy. Thanks to taking this approach, 80% of our boiler sales leads go on to buy a new boiler.

Best of all, we run a pay-as-you-go service which allows you to jump in and out as and when you need the work without any subscription fees, membership payments or obligation to buy. Sign up for free access to our quality heating sales leads today and grow your business.

Where do our boiler sales leads come from?

When looking for boiler and heating sales leads, you need to ask an important question before you buy: where are they coming from?

Some lead generation companies won’t be able to answer this question very easily, especially if they are cold-callers or data brokers, but we’re only too happy to tell you all about it. In fact, we think it’s so important, we don’t even wait to be asked…

We are committed to ethical and effective lead generation. We understand that only fully qualified heating leads which match your requirements will turn into paying customers. That’s why we’ve spent over 15 years building trusted brands and user-friendly websites. Thanks to our experience and expertise in digital marketing, these websites consistently appear at the top of Google’s results.

Over 3 million unique visitors visit our Boiler Guide website each year, most of them looking for advice on central heating. This means that around 5,700 customers land on our websites every week who are looking central heating and boiler quotes. These customers ask us to find them quotes by completing a simple online form.

How we qualify our boiler leads

We telephone qualify every enquiry. Before we class an enquiry as a sales lead, we telephone qualify the lead, i.e. we call the customer to check:

  • We have the correct contact details
  • Whether they are a tenant or homeowner
  • The best time for you to contact them
  • When they need the job done
  • All the key details about the job
  • They are ready to receive quotes.

Apart from the contact details, you’ll have all of this information before you buy the lead.

As soon as we’ve telephone qualified the lead to make sure the customer is ready to buy and happy to receive quotes, the heating lead becomes available for you to buy via your Dashboard.

That’s where Boiler Guide heating and boiler leads come from and how we make sure that each lead is a genuine sales opportunity for you. It really is that simple. Our quality leads turn into paying customers for heating engineers and companies every day.

The next thing to consider is how many boiler leads you want.

How many boiler job leads do you want?

With Boiler Guide you’re in complete control.

We work with a range of companies, all needing different levels of service. Some of our clients buy boiler job leads from us every single day, while others come to us occasionally when business is a little slow. So, depending on the needs of your business, you can easily adjust the volume of boiler job leads you want to take on.

Our main concern is that you are able to find the boiler job that you want, which is why we have developed a system which is simple to use. With Boiler Guide, you can browse the boiler job leads available and check the location, the requirements and make sure that the job is one that you want to take on.

We know we can help you to grow your business, so if you are Gas Safe and/or OFTEC registered and want to increase your sales, sign up and take a look at the boiler lead types available today. You’ll also get a free company profile page on Boiler Guide as well as friendly support from our account management team.

Correct contact details
Whether they are a tenant or homeowner
Best contact times
When they need the job done
All the key details about the job
They are ready to receive quotes
Once we've telephone qualified the lead and made sure the customer is happy to receive quotes, we make the lead available to buy. So when you buy a lead through Boiler Guide, you can be confident that the customer is expecting your call. This process has helped Gas Safe registered engineers to grow their businesses and we know we can help your business too. If you're a Gas Safe, OFTEC or electric registered heating engineer and want to increase your sales, sign up and take a look at the boiler lead types available today. You'll also get a free company profile page on Boiler Guide as well as friendly support from our dedicated team of Account Managers.

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How much does it cost?

It’s free to join and there are no monthly or annual fees to pay. Once we’ve approved your account you’ll start receiving central heating or boiler job leads. We don’t take any commission on the jobs that you win. We only charge you for the leads you want to buy which start at just £6 per lead.

How many leads will I receive?

You can choose as many leads per day as you like or pause when you don’t need any. Our dashboard gives you complete control over lead volumes. We work with all sizes of business from sole traders to national companies.

How many companies receive the lead?

Heating leads are sold to a maximum of 3 companies and some are available exclusively, i.e. sold to just one company. Sign up to find out more or call us on 01858 461 010 and we can answer any question you might have.

Where do your leads come from?

Over 3 million UK customers visit our Boiler Guide website every year to get advice on home heating improvements. Many of those customers ask us to find them boiler and central heating quotes. When we’ve fully qualified their enquiry is a genuine potential customer, we offer you the opportunity to buy the lead and provide a quote.

How will I get more work?

If the customer is a good match for your business, i.e. the right heating job type and in the right location, you’ll be given the opportunity to buy their contact details (a.k.a. ‘the lead’). You can also view and buy heating leads we generate across the UK in our online marketplace. Our leads provide you with an opportunity to sell your service, but securing the job is down to you.

How will I know when a new lead has come in?

We’ll send you an email and a text (SMS) message. You’ll see a description of the job and if there’s a time frame. It’s up to you to decide whether to purchase the lead or not. You can do this via your phone. We can also send leads to your CRM via an API or by Hot Key Transfer.

What about data protection and GDPR?

We are fully compliant with the current data protection laws. All our data is secured and encrypted and we only store and share customer data for the purpose of providing them with quotes for the service they have requested. Your company data is equally secure and stored for the purposes of maintaining your account with us. You can view our privacy policy here.

Why Boiler Guide?

Qualified Customers

We speak to all of our customers before you do to make sure that they are ready to talk to you.

You Set the Pace

From 1 lead to 100s a day. You set the pace, we’ll provide you with the potential customers.

No Hidden Fees

Our pay-as-you-go leads are fairly priced and with no subscription, contract or obligation.

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