Helping Moorwarmth Grow – Installer Case Study

“If I could throw all my eggs into the Boiler Guide basket, I would.”
Dennis, Gas Safe engineer, Moorwarmth

Boiler Guide provide UK businesses with a simple, cost-effective and reliable way of finding new customers.
We generate high-quality sales leads so that you can spend less time searching for new customers or dead-end leads, less money on advertising and more time focused on why you got into the industry in the first place: being an engineer.
We spoke to Dennis at Moorwarmth to find out why he chooses our boiler sales leads and what they’ve added to his business.

Introducing Dennis at Moorwarmth

Moorwarmth are based in Chesterfield and have been buying HVAC leads through Boiler Guide since 2015. We spoke to Dennis, who has to be one of the most experienced engineers in the industry having started out around 45 years ago.
Dennis qualified as an engineer at 21 with CORGI registration (now Gas Safe), having entered the industry as an apprentice straight from school at the age of 15. Now at Moorwarmth, a company that employs 8 people including Gas Safe engineers, administrators and surveyors, Dennis is one of the engineers carrying out natural gas and LPG boiler replacements.
Dennis knows the industry inside and out and, having tried many lead generation companies, he was the perfect person to ask a few questions.

Why Use Boiler Guide Sales Leads?

After spending lots of time and money on door-to-door canvassing, Dennis decided to see how lead generation might be able to help the business. He’d tried several lead generation services, but doesn’t hesitate in saying which has given him the best results:

“Without doubt buying Boiler Guide leads is a breath of fresh air – we have benefited from Boiler Guide leads.”

Of course, we wanted to know a little more! Dennis highlighted a few of the features of our service which separate Boiler Guide from the competition:

  • “Professional set-up”
  • “Helpful customer service”
  • “The best returns policy around.”

Since Dennis started buying our boiler sales leads over 3 years ago, he’s saved money on advertising and, because of the level of detail included in each lead, he can make informed decisions about which jobs he wants to take.
After finding leads that match their preferred type of work, Moorwarmth’s lead conversion rate tends to be around 1 in 3 but as we approach the end of 2018, they’re going through a “purple patch” and managing to convert 2 in 3. Converting more than half the leads they’re buying really adds up as, depending on the type of work, Moorwarmth are able to yield around £20k a month (including VAT and materials).
“On a personal level, I can buy as many or as few leads as I like. I’m not waiting for the phone to ring after a card drop or paper advert. My time is more my own.”
While he does use other lead generation services too, Dennis made it clear that he will always buy the “bulk” of his leads through Boiler Guide.

Isn’t it time you tried Boiler Guide sales leads?

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Special thanks to Dennis and Moorwarmth for contributing to this article.