Generating Own Work vs Buying Sales Leads

Generating own work vs buying sales leads

As a tradesperson you want to be working as much as possible but it can be tough to know how to best connect with new customers. There are two ways to connect with customers: generating your own work through advertising and word of mouth or buying sales leads.

Both methods have their benefits but which is best suited to your business? We look at the advantages of both approaches and find out how buying sales leads is helping businesses to thrive.

Finding customers yourself

Putting efforts into finding customers and generating your own work is an approach which has been taken by many tradespeople over the years. These are some of the advantages to searching for customers yourself.

Customer contacts you

When buying a lead, the customer has asked a third party to connect them with a tradesperson. By generating your own work, the customer is likely to contact your company directly.

Existing customers

It’s often easier to carry out work for the same customer over again than to find new customers. The important thing to factor in here is how often are you likely to be needed by each customer.

Take heating engineers, for example. A customer may hire you to install a new boiler then you may only have to visit them once a year to carry out an annual service until the boiler needs replacing. So, in that sense, it’s important to keep finding new customers.

Choose your method of promotion

Whether you want to take a traditional marketing approach or a digital one, you have complete control when looking for customers yourself. To get it right, time will need to be spent understanding the best approach so that you get the most rewarding results.

Benefits of buying sales leads

When done right, lead generation can be a valuable tool for your business. It can save you both time and money and provide a consistent and reliable stream of work. Saving you from having to put efforts into finding customers yourself. That way, you can focus on why you pursued a career as a tradesperson in the first place.

Save time

Investing time in promoting your business could be better spent actually carrying out work for customers. And the best way to free up time for more work is buying sales leads.

As a lead generator, we find the customers and give you the opportunity to connect with them. Saving you time for more important things.


When looking at sales leads – particularly Boiler Guide sales leads – you know there’s someone in your area who needs your services. You can buy the lead right there and then and get in touch with them – no waiting for a customer to get in touch with you.

Reduce advertising spend

With so many ways to promote and advertise your business, it’s never been harder to know what to do. From traditional marketing methods to a more digital approach, it’s hard to say which will be more successful. And before long you can end up spending more than you had originally planned without seeing much in return.

Digital marketing in particular can be a minefield – particularly if you don’t have much experience in that area. In the end, you could end up feeling that all of the money and time invested in advertising your company online could have been better spent elsewhere.

If you’re looking to make your business more visible online then take a look at our SEO & Website Guide for Small Companies.


When buying leads, you’re completely in control. It’s up to you when you buy leads and get in touch with the customer. So you have the flexibility to make your workload work for you.

Measure your success

One of the toughest parts of running your own advertising is measuring the return on investment. Take leafleting, for example. It’s almost impossible to measure how many customers have hired your company as a direct result of seeing your leaflets. When buying sales leads, you’ll know how much you’re spending and how much business you’ve earned as a result.

Keep your diary full

Buying sales leads will keep your work diary topped up. So, if there’s ever a day where you can fit in another job or two then you can quickly find more work simply by buying leads.

Why Boiler Guide sales leads?

At Boiler Guide, we’ve been generating sales leads since 2007 and over 3 million people across the UK turn to us to connect them with professional tradespeople.

Alerts of new work in your area

You can set up lead alerts so that you’re the first to know about new jobs in your area. These lead alerts can be sent straight to your phone so there’s no delay in earning yourself a new customer.

Customers waiting for your call

Unlike other lead generation companies, we qualify or telephone verify each and every lead we generate. This means we can guarantee a certain level of quality and is why 80% of Boiler Guide leads go on to buy a new boiler.

After a customer completes an online form on our website, letting us know about the work they need completing, we give them a call. We do this to confirm their intent and make sure all contact details are correct. Only after this call do we make the lead available to buy.

You control the costs

Boiler Guide is a completely pay-as-you-go service with no sign-up, subscription or membership fees. Simply pay for the leads you want as and when you want them.

Advertise your business online

As a Boiler Guide customer, your company will have a free listing on one of our respective sites – Boiler Guide or Solar Guide – depending on the type of work you carry out.

An experienced team ready to help

Not only will you benefit from our leads but we’re also on hand to help with anything you need along the way. Our dedicated team of Account Managers – who you can meet here – are available to provide support and make sure that our service is working for your business.

Does buying sales leads really work?

We speak to our customers regularly to ensure our service is working for them. And we’ve received plenty of great stories from companies who have seen the benefits of buying sales leads. One such customer is Moorwarmth.

Over the years, Moorwarmth lost lots of time and money to door-to-door canvassing. Time that could have been better spent completing work for customers. To earn that time back, Moorwarmth turned to lead generation and are thriving.

Speaking about life since turning to Boiler Guide sales leads, Dennis at Moorwarmth said: “I can buy as many or as few leads as I like. I’m not waiting for the phone to ring after a card drop or paper advert. My time is more my own.”

Find out more in our Moorwarmth Case Study.

Don’t miss out on customers near you

Over 2,000,000 people visit our websites each year looking for tradespeople like you. To let us know they want to be connected with an installer they complete an online form where we gather as much information as possible about the work they need doing.

After that we give them a quick call to confirm their contact details and make sure they’re happy to be contacted by up to 3 tradespeople. If they are, we make the lead available to buy.

These leads all appear in your Dashboard which you can set up to see leads available in your area for the work you’re qualified to do. Alternatively, you can receive lead alerts straight to your phone.

  • Qualified leads to guarantee intent
  • Free marketing for your business
  • No contract, no membership fees, no hidden charges

It’s completely free to sign up to take a look at the leads we have available in your area and there are no hidden costs along the way. Simply pay for the leads you want as and when you want them.

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