Meet the Boiler Guide Team: Account Managers

Boiler Guide Account Managers

When you sign up with Boiler Guide to access our sales leads, our account managers will be on hand to make the process as smooth as possible. Once you’re a Boiler Guide customer, they’ll be working behind the scenes making sure you have everything you need to find the right customers.

Here we introduce our account management team of Adam, Kirsty and Vicky, to give you an insight into what they’re up to on a day-to-day basis, and how they could help you to grow your business with Boiler Guide leads.

What does account management involve?

Adam: “We are the first port of call for all existing companies who may have queries, and for new companies looking to join Boiler Guide. We’re also on hand to help businesses to get the most out of our service by making sure accounts have everything they need to run smoothly, making sure they are happy with the quality of the leads they are receiving, managing their credit limits, and getting them the right number of leads they need each day.”

How long have you worked for Boiler Guide and how has the company changed in that time?

Our account management team has more than 13 years of experience between them, and in that time they have seen the company expand and evolve.

Adam: “I’ve been with the company for nearly 6 years, but it’s gone fast. I’ve seen the team grow and our technologies have got better and better, and from that the number of leads we generate has significantly increased.”

Vicky: “Nearly 5 years! The company is always adapting and changing which is quite refreshing, but for me the main change has been in the industries we work in.”

Kirsty: “I have been working here for 2 1/2 years, and in that comparatively short time I have also seen the company grow significantly.”

What does a typical day involve for you?

Vicky: “As an account manager, my day-to-day tasks vary depending on what our customers need that day. This could involve helping installers make small changes to their account to forecasting how many leads we will generate, and everything in between.

Adam: “I’ll usually start my day by setting up accounts for new customers who have signed up overnight, and I will contact them to run through how we work. I will then check in on the installers’ credit limits and which leads they are buying.”

Kirsty: “Our day can be really varied, but part of the role is reacting to our installer queries, processing reports and contacting customers for feedback. A lot of my day is spent ensuring that our customers have received the service they are expecting, and processing requests as soon as to guarantee no opportunity is missed. I also monitor and process accreditation checks to make sure all our installers hold the relevant qualifications for the work types.”

How does your role help the companies who sign up to Boiler Guide?

Adam, Vicky and Kirsty play an important role in supporting every single company that joins Boiler Guide.

Adam: “I’m the installer’s first introduction to the company in most cases. I’m here to welcome them, make sure they understand how we work, how to make the most of our services, and how to use their installer dashboard.”

Vicky: “Quite often we take care of actually registering the account for a new customer to make it as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. We also provide businesses with tips and pointers on how to convert leads successfully.”

Kirsty: “We are always on hand for any questions or concerns that customers may have as soon as they start to view or buy our leads. We help companies secure the best sales opportunities they can with our qualified leads and fast responses to queries.”

What do you feel separates Boiler Guide from other lead generation companies?

Boiler Guide account managers talk to installers on a daily basis, and the positive feedback they receive is all about the quality of our leads.

Adam: “The excellent quality of our leads is what I hear about the most. This is because we qualify our leads leading to higher conversion rates than our competitors, which means our installers are spending less money to win work.”

Vicky: “Our installers can always contact us and speak to someone if they need help or guidance. We’re a very transparent and honest company.”

“All departments within Boiler Guide work hard to ensure our leads are of the highest possible quality, and it’s paying off. Our recent enquirer survey revealed that 80% of Boiler Guide leads go on to have a new boiler installed.”

What has been your highlight of working at Boiler Guide?

Vicky: “The highlight for me has been working with such a great team!”

Kirsty: “Being a part of this amazing team and seeing the company’s growth.”

Adam: “We have a great team here, but I have to say my highlight is getting the opportunity to tip a bucket of ice cold water over our Sales Director, Mike, for charity.”

You can get to know more about Mike’s role here.

What do you like most about your role?

Adam: “We’ve got a line-up of great installers, and it’s good to catch up with them and hear how our leads make a difference to their business. I’ve seen small struggling businesses sign up and become successful thanks to our leads.”

Vicky: “I really enjoy how each day can be quite different to the next. Working with such a range of company sizes means that depending on who you’re dealing with that day, the tasks can be really different.

“I also really enjoy building long lasting relationships with installers, it’s a real sense of achievement when a company stays with us for years! I’ve also had the chance for development and to learn more about different aspects of the business.”

Kirsty: “Having the opportunity to be of genuine help to our customers and being a part of the wonderful account management team!”

Finally, how do you spend time when you’re not helping installers?

Adam: “With the family, my weekends are usually spent getting the kids away from the Playstation.”

Vicky: “I enjoy running and also try to go hiking at the weekends as much as possible.”

Kirsty: “I love being with my family, enjoying long walks, playing games and cooking.”

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