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What can you expect from our solar sales leads?

If you’re looking for a reliable supply of solar sales leads that consistently turn into customers for solar installation companies, look no further than Boiler Guide.

At Boiler Guide, we’re only interested in quality leads. And that’s why our solar sales leads are qualified to guarantee intent. If a lead doesn’t meet our standard then we don’t make it available to buy. Simple as that.

It’s completely free to sign-up and you’ll be able to see the solar leads available in your area straight away. You won’t need to concern yourself with subscription or membership fees and you’re under no-obligation to buy, simply pay for leads as and when you want them. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to use our service in a way that meets the needs of your business.

Where do our solar sales leads come from?

You’d think that knowing where solar sales leads come from is a straightforward question. And for us, it is! Unfortunately, some companies take a less ethical approach to lead generation. This is likely to involve cold calling or buying random lists of data. Neither of which can guarantee genuine interest when you come to contact one of these leads.

At Boiler Guide, we know that only fully-qualified solar sales leads will give you the greatest chance of earning a new customer. Our Solar Guide website has become a trusted source of information for anyone interested in solar panels. And thanks to a digital marketing team full of experience, it appears at the top of Google for a number of solar-related search terms.

So we know that anyone visiting Solar Guide has some interest in solar panels. Our user-friendly website gives users advice, guidance and the ability to connect with solar installers. Those who are interested in solar panels for their property pass through a simple online form where we ask for as much information as possible about the work involved.

How we qualify our solar leads

After someone has completed our online form, we don’t yet consider it to be a solar sales lead. We still want to double check a few things and make sure they have genuine interest.
To do this, we qualify each lead by contacting the enquirer over the phone. During this qualification process, we check:

  • Contact details
  • If they’re a tenant or homeowner
  • Best contact times
  • When they want the work completing
  • Any additional information
  • Whether they’re ready to be contacted by solar companies

Once we’ve explained to the enquirer that they’ll be contacted by solar companies and confirmed they’re happy to hear from them, we make the lead available. All solar sales leads that appear in your Dashboard have been telephone qualified and/or verified.

Generating quality solar PV leads really is that straightforward. And the effort we put into qualifying each solar lead can give you confidence that each lead can turn into a paying customer.
All you need to decide is how many solar sales leads you want. Whether you need one solar lead per week or several each day, we can meet the needs of your solar installation company.

How you can access solar leads generated through Solar Guide

To access all of our solar leads, you must be MCS (or equivalent) approved. We will need proof of this accreditation before you can access our qualified solar sales leads.

After your account has been approved, you will have access to our solar sales leads through your very own Dashboard. In the Dashboard, you will see all of the work available in your area and have visibility of key information before buying the lead, including:

  • Whether it’s a new solar panel installation or maintenance
  • Solar PV or solar thermal
  • Property type
  • If they own the property
  • When they want the work completing

As we’re so transparent about the type of work involved with each of our leads, you can make an informed decision before buying. If a certain job stands out to you then you can buy it and will be able to see the customer’s contact information.

To hear about leads as soon as we make them available, and beat the competition, you can set up leads alerts. With lead alerts, we’ll send notifications straight to your phone to make finding new customers even easier.

In addition to viewing and buying leads, the Dashboard is the place where you can also adjust your coverage area, update company details, manage invoices and make changes to the different types of work your business carries out.

There are no sign-up fees or subscription costs, you can simply pay for the solar sales leads you want as and when you want them. There’s no-obligation to buy whatsoever.

How our team can help you grow your business

To support you every step of the way is our dedicated team of Account Managers. Adam and Vicky are available weekdays from 9am to 5pm over phone and email to help with anything they need. Their support has been valuable to many companies over the years as they can take you through:

  • The different types of sales leads we have available
  • How to add certifications and accreditations to your account
  • Improving your company listing (which will be seen by potential customers)
  • Making the most of features such as ‘auto accept’
  • Adjusting lead volumes and credit limits
  • Support with queries around invoicing

While we have a thorough qualifying process to ensure the quality of our leads, we have a fair returns policy in place if a lead doesn’t meet our usual high standards. In the unlikely event of this happening, our dedicated Account Management team are on hand to handle and support you through the process.

Our service can offer your business and wealth of benefits and it’s completely free to sign-up. Plus, there are no subscription or membership fees along the way. Simply pay for solar sales leads as and when you want them. This is lead generation the way it should be.

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