Customer Case Study: HeatSource Wales

“If quality leads is what you are looking for then Boiler Guide is about the best.” Matthew Powell, HeatSource Wales Director.

In April 2018, it became clear to HeatSource Wales that if the business was to continue to grow they could no longer rely on customers coming to them, instead they would need to proactively find new customers.

This realisation encouraged HeatSource Wales to explore ‘alternative avenues’ that would help to grow the business; this led them to Boiler Guide.
We caught up with Matthew Powell, director at HeatSource Wales, to learn about their experience with Boiler Guide sales leads.

Meet HeatSource Wales

HeatSource Wales have been in operation for 15 years and during that time have grown from having a single employee to now employing 10 members of staff.

They work with gas and oil-fired heating systems offering installation, servicing, repairs and cover plans to their customers across South Wales.

The number of employees working for HeatSource Wales isn’t the only thing that’s grown – so has their coverage area and that came, in part, thanks to buying leads through Boiler Guide.

“We have been buying leads through Boiler Guide for 18 months and intend to carry on for the foreseeable future.”

How Boiler Guide Helped HeatSource Wales

After a period of trial and error with several lead generation services, Boiler Guide came out on top thanks to our service, delivering everything HeatSource Wales were hoping to find in a lead generation company:

  • Fair pricing
  • Quality leads
  • Simple and fair return process
  • Strong online presence
  • Strong communication.

They found that Boiler Guide were not only generating leads but also assisting with the marketing of their business, leaving them to have more time to focus on what they do best: keeping Wales warm.

HeatSource Wales are a highly ambitious company and aim to continue growing and they see Boiler Guide leads helping them to achieve future goals too.

“Our ambition is to keep growing. Boiler Guide can help by providing extra leads.”

Why use Boiler Guide?

One of the biggest benefits HeatSource Wales have enjoyed since signing-up with Boiler Guide is the flexibility of lead purchasing, which has given them complete control of how busy they want to be at any given time.

Our high-quality leads can increase your coverage area too – just don’t expect them to mention our name if you’re also based in South Wales:

“As long as the other company doesn’t operate in our service area I would say that I highly recommend Boiler Guide for providing high-quality leads.”

How to Find More Customers with Boiler Guide

At Boiler Guide, the quality of our leads is of the highest importance and HeatSource Wales found that the leads they’ve purchased have “serious buying intent”.

It’s completely free to set up an account with Boiler Guide and you’ll be able to see the leads available in your area straight away.

Once you’ve signed up there are no hidden fees, simply pay for the leads you want as and when you want them.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your free account today and let the work start coming to you.

Thanks to Matthew Powell at HeatSource Wales for contributing to this article.

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