How We Qualify Our Leads

Lead qualification

At Boiler Guide we focus on delivering quality when it comes to our leads.

To do that we qualify leads so that you can be confident that you’re being connected with someone who has a genuine need for an engineer.

Whether it’s boiler, solar or windows, our leads go through a quality check and here’s how we do it.

How We Qualify Our Leads

There are plenty of lead generators who will send out endless lists of customer details with no real idea whether they’re genuinely interested in your services. We’re not one of them.

Our websites – Boiler Guide, Solar Guide and Windows Guide – are visited by over 2 million people every year. And the visitors looking to hire a professional tradesperson will start out by passing through one of our online forms.

At this point, we aim to get as much information as possible, including:

  • Type of work needed
  • Size of property
  • Whether they own the property
  • Post code
  • Email address
  • Telephone number

Many lead generators would consider someone who has completed an online form as a lead. We don’t.

After completing the form, our dedicated customer support team get in touch over the phone to confirm all of the details and ask a few more questions to make sure we can provide plenty of information. They’ll also make sure the customer is happy to be contacted by up to 3 professionals.

If they’re happy to start talking to tradespeople then we release the lead. However, if we can’t get through to them then we don’t make the lead available.

Likewise, if the customer doesn’t want to be contacted about the work, we don’t sell the lead. Some people only want an online quote and aren’t ready to be visited by a professional – if this is the case, we don’t release the lead.

We always aim to qualify our leads but on the rare occasion that we’re not able to give the customer a call, we telephone verify the lead. To do this, we send the customer a code over the phone which they need to enter into the website where they completed the form.

Having thorough quality checks in place is one of the reasons why 80% of Boiler Guide leads go on to buy a new boiler.

Plus, in the unlikely event that one of the leads you purchase doesn’t reach our usual high standards then we have a fair returns policy.

Thanks to our qualifying process, you can be confident that every Boiler Guide lead is from a genuine customer who is ready to buy. We’ll also find out the best time for you to contact them.

How our customers rate the quality of our leads

We know how important a consistent supply of quality leads is to our customers, which is why we work so hard to qualify them. We regularly ask for feedback from customers and the quality of the leads is what separates us from other lead generators:

HeatSource Wales: “If quality leads is what you are looking for then Boiler Guide is about the best.” Find out how our leads became the route to expansion for HeatSource Wales in the full case study.

UK Boiler Care: “From our experience, Boiler Guide leads are by far the best leads available. Boiler Guide leads have consistently generated the lion’s share of our monthly new boiler sales revenue.” Our leads helped UK Boiler Care to grow from a local company into a regional business – read more in our UK Boiler Care case study.

Get free access to our quality leads

We’re generating and qualifying leads from right across the UK every single day and getting access to them couldn’t be simpler.

We offer a pay-as-you-go service which gives you the freedom and flexibility to purchase leads as and when you need them. It’s completely free to sign up and you won’t be hit with any hidden fees along the way.

  • Free sign-up
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