Free boilers for pensioners with Government’s boiler grants scheme

Boilers for pensioners who qualify for the Government's Energy Company Obligation free boilers schemeDid you know that if you fall into certain groups you might be eligible for a boiler grant as part of the Government’s Energy Company Obligation?
With an estimated 2.5 million homes across the UK in the running to get their hands on a new replacement boiler, if you’re a pensioner you may be one of the lucky ones who meet the criteria required to access the boiler grants scheme. We say lucky ones, because it means benefiting from a brand new replacement boiler worth thousands of pounds. We don’t know about you but in our book that qualifies as lucky!
With a new gas boiler typically costing around £2,300, thanks to the Government’s free boiler scheme, if your existing boiler is broken or inefficient and meets the qualifying criteria you’ll receive a brand spanking new energy saving boiler without having to put your hand in your own pocket to pay for it.
The Government’s Energy Company Obligation, known as ECO, is funded by the country’s largest utility companies, including British Gas and the other ‘Big Six’. Pensioners in receipt of Pension Credit and those aged over 60 who receive Working Tax Credit qualify for a free boiler grant to help them become more energy efficient with a view to bringing down their heating bills.
More and more pensioners are struggling to meet the demands of escalating energy bills, and with many on limited incomes a new boiler is an expense many simply cannot afford. But even if you don’t receive Pension Credit you could still qualify for a grant if you get Working Tax Credit and are aged over 60. As long as you meet the following criteria you should be able to apply for a free boiler grant:

  • You own your own home, or
  • The accommodation you live in is rented privately
  • You’re in receipt of Pension Credit or
  • Are 60 years old or more and receive Working Tax Credit

It’s easy to apply for the boiler grants scheme. Visit, answer a few questions and submit your application. Once we’ve given you a call to confirm your details and assess your eligibility, you’ll be one step closer to being the lucky recipient of a brand new A-rated boiler, which we’ll arrange to have installed by a Gas Safe Registered Boiler Grants installer.
If you qualify for a boiler grant apply today for a piece of the pie before it’s all gobbled up!
*Editor’s note: although touted as a scheme to replace boilers for free when it was originally launched in January 2013, due to funding cuts more people are being asked to make a contribution towards their new boiler. The boiler grant will meet some of the cost and the householder will need to make up the shortfall – February 2014