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Any heating engineer knows how important it is to take a property’s heat losses into consideration before installing a heating system. Whether it’s a traditional fossil fuel boiler or renewable technology such as a biomass boiler or heat pump, the heat loss calculation is crucial when determining the heat emitters and power output required.

Essential though it is, calculating heat loss is not always easy to do with accuracy and can be a great cause of frustration for many engineers and surveyors. Luckily, Heat Engineer Software Ltd has created ‘Heat Engineer’ software to help surveyors and engineers to tackle the problem head on.

What is Heat Engineer Software?

Heat Engineer is fully customisable software for engineers, architects and surveyors which enables them to calculate heat losses in any building with accuracy and ease.
Engineers can change the software to their language of choice, set outside mean temperatures and construct bespoke building materials to calculate the thermal conductivity and subsequent U values.

In addition, the software will calculate and compare running costs for various fuels to encourage companies and engineers who primarily use fossil fuels to consider switching to renewable system. The software will also produce comprehensive report based on the findings. Dyslexic users can change the colour on the website for easier use.

The software adheres to the calculation process set out by CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers). The company is also an industrial associate of the CIPHE (Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineers). UK standards for MCS MIS 3005 and MIS 3004 have also been met ensuring heat pumps and biomass calculations are possible.

Who’s behind the software?

The Heat Engineer software has been designed and built by 3 heating engineers with combined experience of over 75 years between them. In a feature for Heating & Ventilation, one of the directors of Heat Engineer Software Ltd, Rob Berridge, described the importance of accurately calculating heat loss in our buildings.

“Every renewable, every boiler, in fact every possible need for the source of heat comes under the exact same requirements and proven rules to run efficiently. This is the process of calculating building fabric heat loss! How we heat our buildings is irrelevant to this discussion but how we calculate and specify the heat source is absolutely everything.

“We seem to have sauntered rather blindly into a ‘rule of thumb’ form of measurement and specification which, as an engineer, I want no part of. The ‘guesswork’ of boiler and plant sizing has caused an estimated 90% of all UK plant to be vastly oversized, causing a cumulative and devastating effect on our climate, our utility bills and system component failure.

“As engineers, we know that running any engine at peak revolutions, or loading and unloading, will shorten the life of the said unit and completely destroy its efficiency and longevity.”

How much does Heat Engineer software cost?

  • Heat Engineer software can be used for a one-off survey at a cost of £10+VAT.
  • Sole traders can sign up for a monthly subscription of £10+VAT per month or an annual cost of £108+VAT.
  • Small organisations with up to 30 surveyors are charged £30+VAT per month or annual cost of £324+VAT.
  • Large organisations with up to 50 surveyors are charged £30+VAT per month or annual cost of £540+VAT.

For more information on Heat Engineer software or to purchase you can visit the website here.

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