3 Million UK Households Have Never Serviced Their Boiler

Boiler Service

Research by the Benchmark Steering Group has found that over 3 million UK households have never had their boiler serviced. That’s around 10% of all UK households.

This shocking statistic comes from a survey by Benchmark where 2,000 UK households were asked about maintaining their heating system.

In addition, the survey also discovered the following…


Boiler breakdowns which left homeowners without heating and hot water for a full day.

1 in 10

Homeowners who had to go without heating or hot water for up to 3 days as a result of a boiler breakdown.


Households which feel that an annual boiler service is important or very important.


Homeowners who are unsure whether their boiler is still covered by a warranty.


Importance of gas safety

With so many households not arranging an annual boiler service, their gas boiler is at a risk of becoming unsafe.

The Gas Safe website states that 1 in 6 boilers inspected by Gas Safe registered engineers are unsafe. This is a very concerning number. Especially when you consider how many millions of gas boilers are installed across the UK.

What does this mean for heating engineers?

Many homeowners clearly don’t understand the importance of an annual boiler service. One thing that is clear from the findings of this survey is that homeowners need more expert advice from professionals.

Taking some time to talk customers through maintaining their heating system can be well worthwhile. This will keep the boiler running efficiently, safely and earn you more work through servicing.

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