Everything Customers Want to Know About Your Business

What Customers Need to Know

Making your business visible online has never been more important. Homeowners want to make sure they’re hiring the right person for the job and, more often than not, that involves some online research.

We’re going to take you through everything a potential customer may want to learn about your company. Then you can give yourself the best chance of earning more business.

What customers want to know about your business

Taking time to make sure customers can find out everything they might possibly want to know about your business is well worthwhile.

Contact details

First and foremost: contact details. Being able to get in touch with your company whether that be over the phone or online is essential. Having these details clearly displayed on the side of your van and on your website will increase the chances of customers getting in touch with you.

Coverage area

Clearly displaying the areas you work in is one of the most important pieces of information a potential customer needs to know. If somebody likes the look of your business and gets in touch only to find out you don’t work in their area that’s time lost for both of you.

Types of work

It should be instantly clear the types of work that your company carries out. The slightest bit of uncertainty on the customer’s side and they may decide to hire a company that makes their services clear.

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Examples of previous work

Showing off photos of previous work – both on your website and social media – gives potential customers the opportunity to see your standard of work.

Customer reviews

Reading reviews from previous customers has become an essential part of deciding whether to go ahead with a particular service.

As well as the review itself, in many instances, the reviewer will have the opportunity to rate your business. All of these ratings you get will give your company an overall rating. The higher it is, the more appealing your company will be to people in your coverage area.

Customers can review your business in several places including Trustpilot, Google and Yell. Reviews can also be left on your company’s Boiler Guide listing.

Struggling to earn customer reviews? Our guide to Getting More Customer Reviews can help.

Build a strong reputation

As we’ve mentioned, customer reviews play a bigger part in earning more work than ever before. To make sure the reviews of your company are glowing then it’s important to deliver a quality service from start to finish.

Give an accurate quote

If the final price ends up being much higher than the original quote the customer isn’t going to be impressed. Your original quote should be as accurate as possible not only in terms of price but what’s involved and the time it will take to complete too.

If the work is going to be particularly disruptive or messy then the customer will appreciate the notice.

How you provide the quote should also be carried out with the customer in mind. Traditionally, all quotes are carried out at the property but video quotes have gained momentum.

We appreciate that video quotes aren’t always possible but in many cases they’re a quick and effective way of earning a job.

If you’re unsure about quoting by video then take a look at our guide: How Quoting via Video Call Could Benefit Your Business.

Be open to questions

Questions are a natural part of any service which involves a tradesperson visiting a property. Many customers will be keen to understand what you’re doing so don’t shy away from questions. This is your chance to really show your expertise, earn yourself a customer for life and help to spread word of mouth.

Don’t forget to tidy up

The extra effort to leave your workspace exactly how you left it will go a long way with your customer.

Spend time talking through the work with the customer

Rather than packing up and leaving as soon as you’re done, spend some time with the customer explaining what you’ve done. If you’ve installed a heating system then

When you’re ready to leave don’t forget to ask the customer to leave a review – this will go a long way to earning another customer in the future.

Get your company seen by more customers

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