How Quoting via Video Call Could Benefit Your Business

The use of digital technology to communicate really accelerated in 2020. Before the COVID-19 lockdown, the idea of providing quotes via video call might not have even crossed the mind of all tradespeople. However, many have now adapted to this new way of working and the benefits it could bring to tradespeople show why video quoting could become part of the new normal.

It’s worth noting that we understand that a video quote isn’t possible for every type of job but when it is, they offer a number of benefits to both you and the customer.

What are the benefits of video quotes?

Offering video quoting service offers much more flexibility than arranging a site visit.

Your safety and the safety of those in the property you’re working in should always be a top priority. Especially during a pandemic. Giving a video quote to customers will limit the time you have to spend in a property, putting customers at ease.

And that’s not the only benefit to quoting on jobs via video call:

Time saving

By giving a video quote, you’re removing the need to travel to a customer’s property. This will reduce the amount of time you have to spend travelling to properties which will in turn: give you more time to carry out work and have to spend less time on the road.

More flexibility

Depending on how far you have to travel, visiting a customer’s property to quote could take several hours out of your day. And when that time could be spent on a job, video calls make perfect sense as they offer much more flexibility – freeing up time for you and those who need a quote.

Save money

Driving to a property to quote on a job can really add to your petrol costs. By removing the need to travel to a property, you’re instantly making a saving. This is particularly helpful if you need to provide a quote for a property that’s right on the edge of your coverage area.

Provide a quick quote

A video call is the quickest way to get your quote to a customer. So if they’re planning to compare quotes from multiple engineers, you can get your quote in early and give yourself the greatest chance to secure the job.

At Boiler Guide, we never sell a lead to more than 3 companies. And getting in touch with the customer as soon as possible to arrange a time and date to make a quote will help your chances of landing the work. If you’re able to speed up the process even more by offering a video quote service your chances will only be increased further.

Quote on a job from your van or at home

Visiting a property is no longer an essential part of quoting on a job. With a video call you can quote from wherever you are, which could be your van or at home. So you’ll be saving time and give your customers more options as to when you can give a quote.

Put vulnerable customers at ease

During the 2020 lockdown, those who were more vulnerable were encouraged to isolate at home. Should they need the expertise of a heating engineer to carry out a repair, for example, they will have no other choice. You can help to reduce any anxieties the customer has by limiting your time in the property. And offering the ability to provide quotes via video call will remove the need for an initial visit to the property.

With so many benefits, video quotes could become part of the new normal for tradespeople.

How to arrange a video call with customers

Arranging a video quote is much like arranging a traditional onsite quote. However, in addition to finding a time and date that’s suitable for you and the customer, you will also need to ensure:

  • The customer is happy to receive a quote via video call
  • They have a device suitable for making video calls (smartphone or laptop with a webcam)
  • You agree on a suitable platform to make the video call
  • You have the correct contact information to make the video call

Video call platforms

So, what do you need to give video quotes? There are several applications that allow video calls and we’ve picked out some of the most popular options in the table below.

Video Call Platforms iOS Android Mac Windows
Facebook Messenger

You will need to ensure that the customer has a device that can support video calls as well as an internet connection, which is essential for all of the video call platforms mentioned above.

If you are going to choose one for your business, we recommend WhatsApp. WhatsApp is used by 58% of internet users and can be used on both iOS and Android devices.

What if a video quote isn’t possible?

It goes without saying that not everyone will have access to a device that supports video calls. In these cases, a site visit is the only possibility.

How to connect with customers looking for quotes

At Boiler Guide, we generate boiler sales leads right across the UK and have a dedicated team who qualify and/or telephone verify every single one. Taking the time to qualify leads guarantees genuine customer intent and is one of the reasons why 80% of our boiler leads go on to have a new boiler installed.

So, if you want to trial video quotes then our qualified boiler leads could be the perfect way to get started.

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