Learn to love your boiler again

Most of us have a love hate relationship with our central heating boilers. We love them for providing us with a seemingly endless supply of heat and hot water, especially during the cold winter months when sudden temperature drops leave us struggling to keep warm, making the decision to turn up the thermostat an all but inevitable one. 
But unfortunately there’s a price to pay to enjoy our home comforts, in the form of escalating energy bills; the mere thought of which can put the fear of God into many households.
Now it might just be a figment of the imagination, or delusion brought on by shock, but if you listen carefully enough you might just be able to hear your boiler sniggering away as that dreaded gas bill drops through the letter box – or into your inbox, if you receive your bills online.
Believe it or not, a gas boiler accounts for at least 60% of your household’s annual energy costs. It’s a huge drain on the old finances, and the older the boiler the more it will be sucking you dry financially. And if that’s the case their won’t be much love lost between you and your hard-working boiler.
Like most relationships the day inevitably comes when we have to take some time out to evaluate them, and the relationship you have with your boiler is no different. If you think that your boiler doesn’t understand you; if you feel unloved and drained by it financially, then perhaps it’s time to kick that boiler to the curb and call it a day and walk away.
Forget trying to salvage the relationship. You’ve probably given it the best years of your life and all you have to show for it is a pile of bills and a massive hole in your bank account. But fear not, we can help you love again by matching you up with a shiny new replacement.
Sure, you might have to splash some cash but it’ll be worth it. After all, you deserve a boiler that won’t let you down. A boiler that’s going to treat you better, respect you for who you are and work hard to make you happy by saving you money in the longterm and transforming your abode into a more welcoming place to reside. But don’t just take our word for it. Read about the costs, benefits and savings for new gas boilers and make up your mind for yourself.
While there’s never a ‘right’ time to end a relationship, it’s never a good idea to drag these things out once your mind is made up. Don’t forget though, winter is just around the corner and nights are getting colder and the inevitable drop in temperature usually brings with it news that energy price rises are on the way. In fact industry insiders are already warning that energy providers are just weeks away from announcing energy tariff hikes, with British Gas rumoured to be the first with an 8% increase for around 11 million customers.
Of course we can speculate about which one of the Big Six will be the first to make the move until the cows come home. In the meantime, if you want to lower your energy bills we recommend learning to love your boiler again. To find your match made in heaven get your free boiler quotes from Gas Safe Registered plumbers and heating engineers today.

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