New gas boiler costs, benefits and savings

According to the Energy Saving Trust there are considerable savings to be made on energy bills if you’re upgrading your old G-rated boiler for a new A-rated energy efficient condensing boiler – up to as much as £305 per annum in fact*. 

A straightforward gas boiler supplied and fitted will typically cost between £1800 and £2300While G-rated boilers can achieve anywhere between 50-70% efficiency, A-rated models have to be at least 88% efficient to satisfy Building Regulations, and some models even manage to achieve over 90%. The more energy inefficient your existing boiler the greater the saving you’ll be able to achieve on your annual energy bills.

Of course purchasing a new boiler is a big investment. And potentially a rather expensive one. If your gas boiler replacement is straightforward – the gas pipe is an adequate size and the flue remains in the same place – then a typical all inclusive price should be in the region of £1,800 to £2,300.

Although there are Government grants available to help eligible households get their hands on a new boiler for free, unless you meet the qualifying criteria (being on specific benefits) it means funding the purchase yourself or by taking up finance, for example through the Green Deal.

First check to see if you qualify for a free boiler grant as part of the Government’s Affordable Warmth scheme. If you’re not eligible we would recommend you obtain free boiler quotes from Gas Safe Registered installers. Sourcing three quotes will help you to get the best possible price for a new gas boiler installation.


The cost of a new gas boiler replacement will depend on the brand of boiler, type, size and fuel type you need to provide adequate heat and hot water for your home. But a typical price for a brand new gas boiler will range from £700 to £2,500.

Typical new gas boiler prices

As we’ve already established new boiler costs are influenced by a number of factors, not least by brand and type. For example Worcester boiler costs will be more compared to a new Baxi boiler. We’ve but together a list of popular boiler manufacturers and their typical costs. These prices are for the cost of the boiler (with VAT) but don’t include the installation.

  • Glow-worm – range between £560 to £980
  • Ideal – from £680 to £1,200
  • Potterton – from £700 to £1,050
  • Baxi – ranges from £730 to £830
  • Vaillant – from £740 to £1,100
  • Worcester Greenstar – between £1,300 and £2,100

How much will it cost to install a new gas boiler?

Installation costs will really depend on the work involved. But if the new boiler is to be installed in the same place as your old boiler Which? estimates a cost of £600. Should your new boiler need to be installed in a different location you could be looking at installation costs of between £1500 and £1800, according to Which?

Your central heating system will also need to be flushed, so don’t forget to factor in the cost of a powerflush, which typically costs around £375 and a new magnetic filter; a unit that traps sludge, dirt and debris and will help increase the efficiency and life of your central heating system. You may also need new TRV’s (thermostatic radiator valves).



 Benefits of installing a new gas boiler

  • Cheaper bills! Gas is an expensive fuel and prices continue to rise year in, year out. But by ensuring you have the most efficient boiler it will help to bring your bills down.
  • Make your home a nicer place to live. It will feel warmer and more comfortable.
  • Your home will be more energy efficient and more attractive to potential purchasers when you come to sell it.
  • A new A-rated boiler will help to bring down your household’s carbon dioxide emissions. Allowing you to do your bit for the environment!

If your gas boiler replacement is straightforward and the gas pipe is an adequate size and the flue remains in the same place, then a typical all inclusive price should be in the region of £2,300. Get quotes from Gas Safe Registered Boiler Guide heating engineers to find out how much it’s going to cost to supply and fit your new gas boiler.

*Source: Figures based on installing a new A-rated condensing boiler with a programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator controls (TRVs) in a gas-heated home from an older boiler with a programmer and room thermostat. Based on fuel prices as of April 2018 for a detached house.

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