Things you need to know about our leads

We’ve been generating high quality sales leads since 2003. At present we provide qualified leads to heating and boiler installers and renewable energy professionals. As a lead generator we’re very big on transparency.

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Which leads us very nicely to the theme of our latest blog post – our leads, pardon the pun!
We pride ourselves on being a completely transparent service. With us there’s no contract, no subscription fees or any hidden costs. You just pay for the leads you want. Simples.
From invalidating leads and lead reporting to ways in which you can maximise your lead to sale ratio, here we run down a few things you need to know about our leads:
How much do your leads cost?
Our lead prices start from as little as £6.00+VAT, depending on the type of job, timescale and geographical location.

How many companies receive each lead?
Probably our most asked question! We limit the number of companies who can purchase each homeowner’s details to a maximum of 3. It means competition is not excessive. It’s not unusual for some lead generators to sell their sales leads 5 times. We like to be different.
How many leads will I receive?
That’s one of those impossible to answer questions. We don’t normally guarantee a specific number of leads. Anyway the number of leads you will receive varies significantly based on your company’s quality score and geographical location.
How can I increase my lead to sale ratio?
Good question! Here are a few top tips to ensure you maximise your lead potential:

  • Be quick – if you’re interested in a lead then accept and act on it whilst the customer is still in the buying mode.
  • Call – phone the customer immediately and only email as a last resort.
  • Quote – send your quote promptly. Don’t sit on it for days because you can bet your bottom dollar your competitor won’t.
  • Price – offer your best price possible and provide the customer with a comprehensive warranty.
  • Follow up – call the customer a few days after sending the quote to answer any questions they may have.
  • Ask for the work – don’t be afraid to ask to be awarded the job. After all, if you don’t ask you don’t get!

I’ve brought a lead but can’t contact the homeowner, can I apply for a credit?
If you are unable to contact the customer, as long as you tell us that you need more time (and it’s within 3 working days) we may extend the time period allowed. Tell us if you’re still unable to contact the customer within the time extension and we will try to make contact on your behalf. If we’re unable to make contact them we will apply a credit to your account. The time extension will not be applied retrospectively to leads that have passed the initial 3 working day reporting period. Before reporting a lead for this reason please make sure you have done the follow:

  • Made every effort to contact the customer. That means trying to calll them during the day and also in the evening and/or weekends.
  • Emailed the customer to introduce yourself and asked for a convenient time to call or a different number to contact them.

What other reasons do you accept to invalidate a lead?
We understand that sometimes leads may not meet your expectations. For that reason we operate a comprehensive review policy, with the details outlined below:

  • The telephone number is not a real number or belongs to someone else.
  • Customer remains uncontactable by either phone or email
  • Incorrect fuel type (e.g. gas was stated when it’s oil)
  • Incorrect work type (e.g. new boiler and it’s a boiler service lead)
  • Duplicate lead (previous lead from Boiler Guide)

How can I report a lead?
Leads can be reported via our intuitive dashboard up to 3 working days after acceptance. Once we have received the report we will review it and respond by email accordingly.
You have credited my account but I want a refund?
If you have already paid for a lead that has subsequently been credited to your account you can request a refund from us. 

Hopefully we’ve covered everything you need to know about our leads but were afraid to ask! You can register for free to get leads

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