We have reduced prices for our renewable heating leads

Good News! We’ve reduced prices for our renewable heating leads.

It’s clear that more homeowners are looking to lower their carbon emissions and increasingly searching for renewable heating options. At Boiler Guide we’re committed to also doing our bit to combat climate change and move towards a greener future. Naturally, increasing renewable heating installation plays a large part in this.


“It’s important that we are all prepared to adapt, and we have made the decision to drop prices to provide further opportunities for installers looking to grow their business.”


Dropping our renewable prices means…

  • Extra support for installers in this fast-growing market
  • An increase in our efforts to combat climate change by boosting renewable heating installs
  • More work opportunities for heating engineers looking to expand their business
  • Meeting customer demand –  Enquiries for renewable heating systems are increasing all the time

Now is a great time to take advantage of the push towards the Green Revolution. We have customers in your area waiting to be contacted.

Join Us today and check the leads in your area. It will not cost you a penny.