Winning More Weekend Work – We Don’t Stop on Saturday or Sunday

We’re not like the rest.

While most of our competitors switch off for the weekend (and during pandemics), at Boiler Guide we work right through, generating leads and more importantly qualifying them by speaking directly to customers who need a heating engineer.

A lot of people make their enquiries when they have the time. Naturally, this often happens at the weekend, so it only makes sense that we are open and ready to help customers.

Did you know?

Our team speaks to customers to check that they have a genuine enquiry and are looking to buy until 5pm on Saturday and 8pm on Sunday nights. Once everything is checked, these leads are then made available to you on your dashboard. Fully qualified and fairly priced.

Start the week off strong

Buying leads at the weekend gives you a great opportunity to win more work. Customers are happy to be contacted and you have the chance to pack out your week with new jobs. It’s always worth checking your dashboard over the weekend or you can set up Market Place lead alerts and we’ll send you a text or an email when a new lead becomes available. Competition is less and 9 times out of 10, customers want things done quickly.

Boiling Hot Leads

Why wait until Monday to check your dashboard? If a customer has enquired on a Saturday, you may have already missed out. Put some time aside over the weekend and login to your dashboard. The chances are you’ll find leads in your area and you’ll win more jobs.

We’re breaking records.

While lockdown has brought many challenges, millions of customers have turned online to make home improvements. We generated 43% more new boiler leads in 2020 compared to the previous year and 80% of these enquiries went on to buy a new boiler.

2021 has started even better and enquiries are up by over 50%. Don’t miss out on this new boiler boom.

Remember, have a quick check of your Dashboard when you get a spare minute over the weekend and take advantage of our weekend leads.

You won’t regret it.