Boiler Repairs Rise During UK Lockdown

Boiler Repairs Rise Lockdown

The first nationwide UK lockdown resulted in an increase in demand from homeowners looking for a heating engineer to repair their boiler.

Compared to the previous year, boiler repair enquiries through Boiler Guide were up 26% between March 23rd and May 11th – the strictest period of lockdown.

Boiler Repairs Rise 26% Year-on-year

The same period in 2019 actually saw a slight decrease in enquiries as the weather warmed up. As the red line shows, lockdown proved to be a time that homeowners and tenants spent restoring their heating system.

Boiler enquiries get a boost during lockdown

During this time of year, we’d expect to see work for heating engineers slow down a little. However, the six week period of lockdown prompted a significant increase in the number of enquiries we were receiving.

Our enquiry data suggests lockdown was seen by many as an opportunity to focus on the maintenance of their heating system. This could be due to savings being made elsewhere or the increased demand for heating and hot water putting additional strain on the boiler.

David Holmes, Founder at Boiler Guide, said:

“We’re used to seeing homeowners and tenants turn their attention away from their boilers as we move into the summer so it’s great to see people using the lockdown as an opportunity to make sure their heating system is in top condition.

“Before lockdown it was easy to put those odd jobs off and save the money for holidays or leisure. With those industries having to put their services on hold, there’s never been a better time to put the money towards home improvement.

“With so many people taking the time to replace, repair or service their boiler while the weather is nicer, they can be confident that it will be ready to keep them warm when the winter comes round.”

What this means for heating engineers

With people currently spending more time at home, they’re using their heating systems more often which is leading to faults. This has proven to be a real opportunity for heating engineers to earn more work.

When visiting a property it’s also a great chance to educate the customer about how to get the most out of their heating system.

Encourage servicing

If a homeowner isn’t arranging to have their boiler serviced annually then these faults are far more likely to develop. When visiting a property to repair a boiler that hasn’t been serviced for a number of years, recommend they arrange an annual service.

Not only will this make their heating system more reliable, you’ll also earn yourself some repeating work.

Recommend a replacement

In the event that a boiler needs frequent repair work, the customer could be saving money with a replacement boiler. Making this clear to the customer could see you hired to complete the job.

Connect with more customers

The rising demand for boiler repairs gives your business the opportunity to earn more work.

At Boiler Guide, we’re being asked by homeowners to connect them with heating engineers like you on a daily basis. We’re the best in the business at what we do.

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