How Can Heating Engineers Find More Work During Summer

Boiler Repairs Rise Lockdown

As a heating engineer, when the temperature begins to rise and summer is fast approaching, it can be easy to think that the work is going to dry up.

At Boiler Guide, we’re generating boiler leads all year round, even during the summer, to give you the confidence that you’ll never be without work. So if you find yourself needing some extra work over the summer, create a free Boiler Guide account and let the work come to you.

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What is a Boiler Sales Lead?

At Boiler Guide, we’re not a company of data sellers or cold callers. We’re working to generate boiler sales leads of the highest quality from genuine people who need the expertise of a fully-qualified heating engineer.

For some companies, generating leads is a case of closing their eyes and pointing at a name on a random marketing list and giving them a call in the hope of generating a lead. This isn’t a lead. And this type of process has given lead generation a bad name.

At Boiler Guide, we see a boiler sales lead as an individual who has actively requested boiler installation, servicing or repair quotes. This is what a boiler sales lead should be, not a name on a random marketing list.

Only releasing high-quality boiler sales leads is what separates Boiler Guide from other lead generators.

How We Generate Boiler Sales Leads During the Summer

The Boiler Guide website attracts over 2,000,000 visits every year from people looking for boiler replacement, repair and installation quotes.

By offering these visitors a free, fast and no-obligation service, we’re able to generate boiler sales leads with complete confidence that they can help heating engineers to grow their business.

Unlike some lead generation companies, that only give you a name and phone number, we ask enquirers to provide as much detail as possible about the work:

  • Name, address and contact details
  • Whether they are a tenant or homeowner
  • Best time to be contacted
  • How urgently they need the work completing
  • All the key information you need (where the boiler is installed, type of boiler needed, flue type etc.)

In addition to this, we telephone-qualify leads to ensure they’re genuine and the customer is happy to be contacted by companies providing quotes before making the lead available.

How can we be so confident that we’ll be generating leads throughout the summer? Because we’ve been doing it every summer since we were founded in 2003.

Benefits of Boiler Guide Sales Leads

If getting more work during the summer isn’t enough of a bonus, there are many more benefits to our boiler sales leads:

  • Only pay for the leads you want
  • No hidden charges, membership fees or contracts
  • View boiler sales leads wherever you are on mobile and tablet
  • Manage leads with your installer dashboard
  • A free, dedicated and full-customisable company profile on our Boiler Guide website helping to make you more visible on Google

We have so much confidence in our boiler sales leads being the best available that it’s free for you to sign-up and view the leads available in your area. There’s no contract, no subscription and no hidden fees, just pay for leads as and when you want them.

Sign-up to Boiler Guide this Summer

Creating your free Boiler Guide account, couldn’t be easier, fill in a few details about your company and you’ll be ready to start buying leads in minutes.

Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll get real time SMS and email alerts sent to your mobile device so you can let the work come to you while you’re out enjoying the sun.

Set yourself up for your busiest summer ever by signing up to Boiler Guide today.

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