How to win business with sales leads

Purchasing a sales lead from Boiler Guide couldn’t be easier, but how can you make sure that the customer picks your company to carry out the job?
We took a look at the best ways you can keep a potential customer happy, engaged, and ultimately turn them into a loyal client.

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Here are three things that you must do to improve your success rates:

  • Contact the customer quickly

Contacting a customer as soon as you’ve received a lead can help you convert more sales leads into jobs. In fact, some statistics suggest that the majority of customers will go with the company that contacted them first.
Whilst we don’t give customers a timeframe in which they should expect to hear from tradespeople, most customers expect the response of any online service to be fast. When you work with Boiler Guide you can receive information about jobs via both text message and email, meaning you won’t miss them even if you’re on the go (you can choose the settings on your installer dashboard).

  • Improve your odds of reaching the customer first

You might not reach a customer the first time you call them, so having a strategy in place can help you up your odds of speaking to them before another company. Tracking times to call a new lead in a calendar, smartphone or even customer management system can make this process easier – especially if you have multiple leads to contact.
If you can’t get hold of the customer by phone, try emailing or texting them as they may be able to open an email when they can’t get to the phone. It’s a good idea to send this email or SMS after your first phone call if they don’t pick up – this way they will know you have proactively been trying to reach them so soon after they submitted a request for quotes.
In some cases our customer service team will have added the time of day that a customer would prefer to be contacted, so it’s certainly worth taking a look at the lead information as this can be a good time to try getting in touch.

  • Make a great introduction

Since we only qualify leads from people who are interested in having work done, they will be expecting a call from a company associated with one of our brands. This makes it easier to start the conversation without a customer thinking you are cold calling or have received their contact details from an untrusted source.
It can be helpful to first introduce yourself and your company name, and then explain that you have been asked to contact them as they have requested free quotes for their project from one of our websites. Not only does this give a homeowner (who may have forgotten that they requested quotes) a gentle reminder, it also helps them remember your brand or name when it comes to picking a quote.
Our customer service team may have captured some extra details about the job when talking with the customer, so again it’s worth taking a quick look at the lead before contacting them for any additional information that could give you an advantage over the competition.
From here it’s simply a case of booking the appointment and giving a great quote (but you already know that). Hopefully these handy tips will help you turn more sales leads into clients – happy converting!

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