How to Retain the Customer After Installation

As a tradesperson, it’s only practical to work within a certain coverage area. And this makes retaining customers a vital part of growing your business.

By holding onto customers you could potentially have a reliable stream of work for years to come. So in this article, we’re going to show you how to retain the customer after installation.

How to retain a customer after installation

Being hired to carry out the installation of a new boiler, solar panels or renewable heating system for a customer is only the beginning. This is your opportunity to earn a loyal customer for many years to come.

You should have customer retention in mind from the first moment you speak with a new customer. And these tips will help you to increase customer retention.

Contact the customer quickly

You should start thinking about retaining customers before you’ve even met them. After all, first impressions count. By being quick to get back to the customer you show that you’re prompt, efficient and, most importantly, speaking to them ahead of the competition.

If you struggle to reach the customer over the phone, follow up with a text or email to let them know you’ve been trying to reach them.

Let the customer know you do more than installation

As they’ve hired you to carry out an installation, some customers might think that’s the only service you offer. So it’s worth taking the time to make the customer aware of any other services you offer. That way, should they ever need a company for maintenance or servicing, you’ll be top of their list. You could even offer to schedule in a service right there and then after the installation.

Deliver a personal experience

Customers aren’t only interested in price, they want a personal experience. As technology has advanced there’s much less need for face-to-face interaction. For tradespeople, being in a role where meeting the customer is essential and can prove beneficial.

Respect the property

When in somebody else’s property – as tradespeople frequently are – it’s important to be mindful. If you leave a mess, no matter how well the work has been carried out, the customer could well be put off from calling you back.

Even a little effort can go a long way. Things such as asking if you should take your shoes off and covering furniture so that it doesn’t get dirty are simple but effective signs of respect. And it’s probably best to wait to be asked for tea or coffee.

Reward customer loyalty

Don’t take customer loyalty for granted. If certain customers come back to your business time and time again then it’s well worth rewarding that loyalty. This could be in the form of a discount or something more creative like a loyalty card scheme.


Talk the customer through what’s involved in the installation and everything that will happen. This will help to put the customer at ease and build trust between them and your company. By building up trust with the customer from the very beginning of your relationship with them, it’s much more likely that they’ll hire you again.

Consistent pricing

If your prices are going up on a regular basis then customers are bound to be put off from hiring your company again. It’s also important to maintain consistent pricing for every customer. Should customers hear that the same work has been given a different price then they could look elsewhere in the future.

Collect customer feedback

If you’re struggling with customer retention, the first thing to do is find out why. Regularly surveying your customers is a great way to improve your service. You could do this by creating an online survey to send over email, a follow up phone call or by encouraging them to leave an online review. Find out more about How Customer Reviews Can Benefit Your Business.

We regularly survey enquirers and a recent survey to people who requested leads through Boiler Guide. This survey provided useful information such as why an enquirer is inclined to choose one company over another when comparing quotes. We also found that 80% of Boiler Guide Leads go on to Buy a New Boiler.

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The more customers you have, the more customers you’ll be able to retain.

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