Solar sales leads from Boiler Guide

Solar installers have been buying our leads for years and we think this comes down to the quality of our leads and flexibility of our service. We make sure all of our leads are telephone qualified, so you only quote for customers who are serious about solar. We also make it easy to buy leads- as many as you want and only when you want, so you can fill up your appointment book on demand.

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Our benefits for installers

  • Only pay for the leads you need
  • No membership fees, contracts or hidden charges
  • You can view leads on the go via mobile and tablet
  • Manage leads with your installer dashboard
  • A free, customisable installer profile on our website

Feed-in tariff cuts means serious customers

Although the recent reduction in FiT rates has caused a great deal of turbulence for the solar industry it has not impacted the quality of the job leads we are able to supply. Boiler Guide is still receiving requests for quotes from customers genuinely interested in having a solar system installed.

We’ve invested in the Solar Guide website

2016 was a busy year for Boiler Guide, with website redesigns across our brands. We know that our customers need up to date, mobile friendly websites, so we’ve invested in ours to make it easier than ever to request quotes. Last year we launched the new Solar Guide website and we are continually improving it to provide the best customer experience.

How to get solar sales leads in your area

There are two ways to receive information on jobs in your area. Firstly you can set up lead alerts and we will send you an email or SMS about jobs that match the criteria you set up in your dashboard (such as location and type of job) under the ‘Coverage and Work Types’ tab. You can also visit the leads marketplace located in your dashboard under the ‘Buy Leads’ tab to peruse and purchase leads as and when you need to.
If you’re interested in receiving solar sales leads or have any questions about your account you can get in touch with our account management team on 0330 134 6086

Does your business need more sales?
Try our lead buying platform today

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