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Homeowners may often not be aware of the need to look after their heating system. ADEY® can help you to help them take care of it.

If left untreated, corrosion in a heating system builds up magnetite, or sludge, causing cold spots on radiators, making heating inefficient and putting unnecessary strain on the boiler.

The facts speak for themselves. And with sludge being the number one cause of boiler breakdowns, you’ll want to help your customers take preventative action against this.

With products and practices designed to put an end to corrosion and sludge, ADEY’s filters, chemicals and advice will reduce energy bills, lower maintenance costs and protect boilers for longer.

By following the ADEY Best Practice® process, your customer will not only reduce their annual energy bills by up to £80 but you are also fixing the root cause of the problem – saving them repair and replacement costs in the future.

Give your customer complete peace of mind by promoting a healthier heating system and protection for their existing central heating system during your installation, service, maintenance or repair visit.


As an installer of ADEY products, you get exclusive access to dedicated marketing support. Our team are on hand to help you win every job and create a positive experience associated with water treatment.

Your toolkit contains everything you need to help the homeowner understand the need for protection against sludge and for you to service the retrofit market.
ADEY help you answer commonly asked homeowner questions like:

  • What is sludge?
  • What are the risks?
  • What damage does it cause?
  • How do I prevent this happening and protect my heating system?
  • How does a filter work?
  • Why should I pay for a MagnaCleanse® system flush and MagnaClean® filter?

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Water testing helps you prove that the heating system was left by an expert in the best possible condition, minimising running costs and the risk of costly breakdowns.

With ADEY ProCheck, you can get instant lab-style results direct to your phone.

ADEY ProCheck is designed to provide a quick and easy method of testing system water quality using a smartphone and has a step by step process which provides instant validation of system health measuring inhibitor, corrosion, and pH levels in under 3 minutes.

Results are displayed within the ProCheck app, offering recommendations for corrective action where required.


On average, plumbing and heating engineers spend 74% of their week on service, maintenance and repair work.

Each service call is an opportunity to give homeowners the solutions to protect their heating in the future and reduce the risk of breakdown. More than this, it is an opportunity for you to maximise your revenue potential with broadened product solutions and regular income through service and monitoring plans.

ADEY Business Tools* will help you grow your business, no matter how big or small. When you want to professionalise your business, but don’t have enough time for the added admin, ADEY have the answer for you. You can generate year-round income with your very own service plans, and more.

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Since launching the ADEY Training Academy in 2017, thousands of plumbing and heating engineers have benefited from a deep understanding of the causes of poor water quality, the effects of sludge, how to remove it quickly and effectively, and how best to protect homes from the damage caused by sludge.

As well as the practical elements of the ADEY Best Practice course, installers have walked away with some useful business advice and sale techniques.

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