Boiler Still Going Strong After Nearly 40 Years

27th Jun 2012

Boilers usually last for about 15 years before they have to be replaced, but Marton Hayes WEC Firefly HDII boiler is still working perfectly after nearly 40 years of service.

It is one of the oldest boilers in Shropshire and perhaps also one of the oldest in the country and yet it is still working perfectly. Mr Hayes moved into his house in 1986 but the boiler was already in place having been fitted when the house was built in 1973 – when Richard Nixon was still the President of the United States.

“I think this is a fantastic achievement as the boiler is still performing excellently after 39 years of service” Mr Hayes said. “The boiler has been served annually and we have experienced no problems other than the odd replacement spare part.”

The WEC Firefly HDII is an oil boiler with an output of 60k BTU (British Thermal Units) or 17.5 kWh of energy. In general old boilers will become less efficient over time and it may become very hard to find replacement parts as specific types become obsolete and new models brought on to the market. Old boilers are also normally very expensive to run and maintain. When it comes to replacing a boiler, a condensing boiler is widely regarded as being one of the most efficient and such boilers are also fairly environmentally friendly in comparison to other types. Condensing boilers were first introduced in the 1980’s and they improve efficiency by taking some of the waste gases that would normally be expelled via the flue and using them to heat water returning from the central heating system. This means that less heat is required from the burner thereby making the boiler more efficient.

Indeed Mr Hayes now intends to replace the boiler that has served him so well for many years. Even the most robust boilers have a maximum life, and this boiler, despite its reliability, has reached its end.

Martyn Bridges of Worcester Bosch commented: “We were pleased to hear that Mr Hayes’ Firefly boiler has given him and his family such good service and are sure the replacement will prove to be just as reliable.  This is a great example of how our extensive product testing and field trials result in products that are durable and long-lasting.”