Which is the Best Smart Thermostat?

With rising energy costs a top concern for British homeowners right now, smart thermostats let you take control of your energy usage. These clever devices allow you to tailor your heating to suit your lifestyle – reducing wastage and saving you money on bills.

How do Smart Thermostats Help You Save Money?

  • Learning: A smart thermostat will track how you currently heat your home and programme itself to this schedule so you only use energy when you need it.
  • Geolocation: Using your smartphone’s GPS location a smart thermostat can tell when you are home or away and turn the heating on and off accordingly.
  • Motion Detecting: A monitor is used to detect when you leave and enter your home so that heating can be automatically adjusted.
  • Weather Responsive: A smart thermostat checks the weather forecast or temperature outside and adjusts your home heating to account for this. This stops energy wastage on warmer days and prevents frozen pipes in winter.
  • Website and Smartphone Controls: You can control a smart thermostat on the go through your phone or a website. This means no more forgetting to turn the heating off on the way out.
  • Multi-zone: You can control individual rooms or ‘zones’ in your home separately, so you only heat the areas you are using.

What are the Smart Thermostat Options?

smart programmable thermostats
There are several key players in the UK smart thermostat market right now and new systems are being released all the time. Our smart thermostat comparison table will help you find the perfect model to fit your needs. If you want to learn about smart thermostat systems in more detail visit our information pages on Honeywell Evohome, Heatmiser Neo, Tado, Nest, Climote, Heat Genius and Hive Active Heating.

Supplier, Price and Installation

Supplier Kit Only Price Installed Price Professional Installation DIY Installation
Nest (3rd Generation) Npower £199 Yes Yes
Netatmo EDF £179 £199 Yes
Hive Active Heating British Gas £249 Yes
Hive Active Heating 2 British Gas  £179  £249 (Hive 1 owners can upgrade for £99) Yes
Tado SSE £178 228 Yes Yes
Climote Scottish Power £299* Yes
Honeywell Evohome £249 Yes
Heat Genius £250 Yes Yes
Heatmiser Neo £69-£73 (depending on colour) Yes Yes
OWL Intuition Price varies
based on model
Salus iT500 £130 Yes
PassivLiving HEAT £279 (heating) £329 (with hot water) Yes
Cosy First Utility £250 (heating) £280 (with hot water) Yes No

MiTime RF Pack 1

Drayton £113 Yes


£155 Yes

*(+£36 annual remote access fee optional.)


Learning Geolocation Motion Detecting Weather Responsive Website Controls
Nest (3rd Generation) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Netatmo Yes Yes Yes
Hive Active Heating Yes Yes
Hive Active Heating 2 Yes Yes
Tado  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Climote Yes
Honeywell Evohome
Heat Genius  Yes Yes  Yes Yes  Yes
Heatmiser Neo Yes Yes
OWL Intuition  Yes Yes
Salus iT500  Yes
PassivLiving HEAT Yes Yes
Cosy  Yes
MiTime RF Pack 1
EcoBee3  Yes Yes Yes Yes


Compatible Heating Systems

Compatible Heating Systems Water Heating Underfloor Heating
Nest (3rd Generation) Combi and condensing, system and heat-only boilers (+air-source and ground-source heat pumps for heating only), heating systems with OpenTherm technology Yes Yes (wet)
Netatmo Gas, fuel and wood boilers (+ some heatpumps)
Hive Active Heating Gas, oil and
LPG boilers (+ some electric boilers)
Hive Active Heating 2 Gas, oil and
LPG boilers (+ some electric boilers)
Yes Yes (wet)
Tado Combi and condensing, system and heat-only boilers (+ heatpumps for heating only) Yes Yes (wet/ electric)
Climote Combi, gas and oil boilers Yes
Honeywell Evohome Gas, combi, system and
LPG boilers
Yes Yes (wet)
Heat Genius Gas, oil and biomass boilers (+ heatpumps) Yes (optional extra)
Heatmiser Neo Combi boilers Yes  Yes (wet/ electric)
OWL Intuition Gas and oil boilers Yes
Salus iT500 Combi and system boilers Yes
PassivLiving HEAT Gas, electric, oil and
LPG boilers
Yes (optional extra)
Cosy Gas, oil, LPG, electric and biomass systems Yes (optional extra)  Yes
MiTime RF Pack 1 Combi boilers Yes
Ecobee3 Gas, Oil, LPG, and electric boilers

(This is a general overview, some specific heating systems may not have been included. Please check individual brand websites for more detailed information and to find out if your heating system is compatible.)

Multi-Zone Controls

Multi-Zone Control Max no. of Zones Cost Per Extra Zone
Nest (3rd Generation) Yes 20 £199
Hive Active Heating
Hive Active Heating 2 Yes  3  £99
Climote Yes  3 Included in price
Honeywell Evohome Yes 12 £60 (per radiator controller)
Heat Genius Yes 30 £60 (per radiator valve)
Heatmiser Neo Yes 32 £69
OWL Intuition Yes 4 £90
    Salus iT500 Yes 2 £40 (per sensor)
PassivLiving HEAT
Cosy Yes  2 £75 (need to purchase twin zone pack)
MiTime RF Pack 1

Choosing the best smart thermostat comes down to three main factors; the type of home you have, how you use your heating and how much control you want over it. With new upgrades and features being released regularly the market looks set to grow even more popular over the coming years. Investing in a smart thermostat now allows you to make heating your home more convenient and take control of your energy costs.

(Please note that the prices in this article have been rounded to the nearest pound)

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