ECA Heating

ECA Heating is the new UK division of the Elginkan Group from Turkey.

The Eliginkan Group was founded in 1950 by Ekrem Elginkan, a highly reputable engineer from an esteemed family from Manisa, Turkey.

The company initially carried out activities such as central heating installations, urban drinking water pipelines and infrastructure, dams, railways, highways, radio-link facilities and contractual works. Later, the company’s leaders Ekrem, Cahit and Ahmet Elginkan founded a partnership known as ECA, bearing the initials of their names.

With a new UK division, a “user friendly” Combi boiler range called Confeo Premix has been launched onto the market. Although new to the UK, the products have been developed and tested extensively in Europe and are already sold in Turkey, Germany, France and many other Eastern European countries.

ECA boilers have been made available to the UK at very competitive prices without compromising their quality. Components such as the heat exchanger, fan, gas valve and pump, have been sourced from top European companies including Giannoni, Kromschroder and Grundfos.

All ECA boilers are CE, WRAS and British Gas service listed. ECA boilers are also recommended by the Energy Savings Trust, which guarantees a SEDBUK rating of at least 90 per cent efficiency.

You can contact ECA Heating at:

ECA Heating Ltd,
Bray House,
1 Bray Place,