£5k Green Homes Grants Now Available

£5k Green Homes Grants Now Available

30th Sep 2020

The government’s Green Homes Grants scheme, which offers England’s homeowners up to £5,000 towards the cost of energy-saving home improvements, is now open to applications.

Homeowners and landlords in England can now apply for a voucher to cover two-thirds of the cost of making their property more energy efficient. The scheme has been launched to help homeowners make their homes warmer, their energy bills cheaper, and to reduce our reliance on/consumption of fossil fuels.

A fund of £2 million has been set aside for the grants to support the country’s ultimate target of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. The government estimates that 600,000 households could save as much as £600 per year on their energy bills, depending on their current energy efficiency level and the technology which is installed.

In addition, low income households in receipt of certain benefits may be able to apply for a voucher to cover 100% of the cost of energy saving measures up to a maximum of £10,000.

Green Homes Grants can be used to reduce the cost of installing at least one ‘primary’ measure such as a low carbon heating system or insulation. If a primary voucher is granted, a secondary voucher (not exceeding the value of the primary voucher) can also be granted for secondary measures such as new windows or doors.

Which low carbon heating systems are eligible for a grant?

Primary low carbon heating technology which can be installed under the scheme include:

  • air source, ground source or hybrid heat pump
  • solar thermal panels
  • biomass boilers.
  • Visit Green Homes Grants for Renewable Heating for more information.
    Most people will need to cover a third of the cost of installing low carbon heating in their home. To find out how much a low carbon heating system is likely to cost, get in touch today. We have a network of MCS certified installers, many of which are taking part in the Green Homes Grants scheme, ready to provide free no-obligation quotes.

    Simply complete our enquiry form and you will quickly receive up to 3 quotes from approved installers near you.

    Applying for a Green Homes Grant

    You can apply for a Green Homes Grant voucher online until 31st March 2021. The online application process will assess your eligibility for a voucher, which home improvements might be appropriate for your property, and how much the work is likely to cost. You can then find installers who are registered with the scheme, compare quotes, and apply for your voucher.

    Only tradespeople who are TrustMark approved and registered with the Green Homes Grants scheme will be able to complete work under the Green Homes Grants scheme.

    A note for tradespeople

    Tradespeople who want to install renewable heating systems as part of the Green Homes Grants scheme need to be MCS certified, TradeMark approved, and registered with the Green Homes Grants scheme.