How to get a new boiler fitted: a step by step guide

Step 1. DIY Checks. Check the pilot light, boiler pressure, & thermostat.

Step 2. Compare quotes from 2+ professionals.

Step 3. Ask questions of installers.

Step 4. Choose an installer who is reputable.

Step 5. Get a boiler aftercare plan.

How much is a new boiler?
How much is a new boiler?

Step 1. DIY Checks

Before you assume the boiler is broken, it’s a good idea to carry out some general maintenance checks on your heating system to rule out simple DIY solutions.

Check the pilot light: Take a look at the pilot light (the blue flame). If the pilot light is out, it will not be igniting the gas or oil and it may be that you just need to reignite it. Your boiler should have an instruction manual to tell you how to do this. If you can’t get the pilot light to stay on you need to contact an engineer.

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Bleed radiators: Over time air can become trapped inside your radiators which will cause blockages and cold areas on your radiators. This not only makes your home colder but will also make the system less efficient and increase energy bills. So if it seems your home isn’t heating up as it once did, it might be worth letting the air out of the radiators to see if it removes the blockage. You can also check the radiator valves to make sure there aren’t leaks as this may be affecting the pressure.

Check the pressure: The pressure gauge is often a culprit when it comes to an underperforming boiler. Check your manual for the optimum pressure level and instructions on how to adjust it.

Check the thermostat: A faulty thermostat may be all that needs fixing so it’s worth checking that it is operating as normal.

Step 2. Contact a Professional

Once you’ve ruled out the easy fixes, it’s time to bring in the professionals to either fix or replace it. If your boiler is under warranty then this will be a relatively straightforward task. However, if you aren’t covered by a warranty you will need to do some research.

There are so many engineers out there that it can be difficult to be sure you’ve found one that is both qualified and reputable for the best price possible. For this reason, we recommend that you seek the advice and quotes from at least 2 professionals. If possible you should get quotes from both large national companies and local, independent companies as this will give you a good comparison between the services on offer and the differences in price. For example, national companies tend to charge around a third more but tend to offer a more comprehensive aftercare package.

Boiler Guide can help you get you up to 3 quotes today. Send us a single enquiry via our simple form and we’ll be in touch in a matter of hours to confirm your details. We’ll then find you up to 3 installers who will offer you their most competitive quote for the work. There’s no fee for using our service, no obligation to take use any of the quotes and absolutely no hassle.

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Find local, professional heating engineers and
get free boiler quotes.

Step 3. Compare Quotes

When it comes to comparing the quotes you receive, make sure you ask questions. If they’ve recommended a certain type, size and brand of boiler, why? How energy efficient is the new boiler and how does it compare to the old? Is there a warranty or aftercare service included?

Always ask to see evidence of the installer’s qualifications and recommendations from previous customers. It’s also really important to ask for a breakdown of the total cost quotes to make sure you are comparing like for like and there are no hidden costs that you’ve not agreed to. There may be differences in the prices quoted for extra services like a Powerflush of the system before installation so make sure you question how they’ve reached that figure.

If you are finding the cost of the job to be too high in all the quotes you’ve been given, it may be possible to apply for boiler finance to spread the cost of the boiler via affordable monthly payments.

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Step 4. Choose Your Installer

When you’re confident you’ve found the right installer for the job you’ll need to arrange an installation date. Remember to clarify approximately how long the work is likely to take and if any alterations will need to be made to your home in the process. If you’re relocating a boiler, removing obsolete equipment like a water tank or storage cylinder or adding pipework, it may be a more involved job than a straightforward boiler swap.

Step 5. Plan for the Future

A new boiler is a long term investment in your home so it’s highly recommended that you take out some kind of warranty and / or service plan. Many boilers include a manufacturer’s warranty which will cover parts and labour for a period, but some companies will also offer ongoing service and aftercare plans. This means they will return once a year to carry out routine maintenance which should prevent damage and keep your boiler running at its best.

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Find local, professional heating engineers and
get free boiler quotes.