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Ferroli Boiler Service & Maintenance 2021

A well maintained Ferroli boiler could keep your home warm for as long as 10-15 years.

To help your boiler live as long as possible you need to be getting a professional service carried out every year to make sure it is operating safely and efficiently for as long as possible.

What is a Boiler Service?

The servicing of a boiler involves a fully-qualified heating engineer testing the boiler to ensure that it's operating safely and efficiently. They'll also look the boiler over inside and out for signs of any issues or faults.

All Ferroli boilers are powered by gas meaning that you need to hire a Gas Safe engineer for the service. To check if an engineer is Gas Safe registered, you can find out online via the Gas Safe website but you should also ask to see their Gas Safe ID card when they arrive at your home too.

From start to finish, a boiler service will last at least 30 minutes but this will vary depending on the model of boiler and whether the engineer comes across any issues.

Why is it Important to Service Your Ferroli Boiler?


Your biggest motivation for getting your boiler serviced is safety. The boiler service is an engineer's opportunity to check everything is operating safely and there are no potential dangers in the system. For example, the engineer will be able to spot a carbon monoxide leak, which is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to boilers. This colourless and odourless gas can lead to brain damage or even death if it goes undetected.

Keep Heating Bills Low

As time goes by, a boiler's energy efficiency will reduce which is why heating bills can rise as the boiler ages. During a service the engineer will make sure that the unit is running as efficiently as possible and will clean / replace any parts which are not to help you save money for longer.

Prevent Breakdowns

To avoid having to deal with your boiler breaking down and the subsequent repair bill, a boiler service can not only bring to light any current faults but spot future issues before they have chance to worsen.


During a warranty period, you're protected by the manufacturer should anything go wrong with the boiler. Most Ferroli boilers include a standard warranty of 1 – 5 years depending on the model of boiler with the option to extend to 10 years in some cases. However, unless the boiler is serviced annually by a Gas Safe engineer, the warranty period will become void, leaving you without any cover.

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Boiler Service Checklist

Once you're happy for the engineer to begin the boiler service, they'll carry out a range of tests and inspections. Here's a brief summary of the kinds of things they'll be doing:

  1. First off, they will visually inspect the boiler to make sure that the pilot light is burning blue as it should be (not yellow or orange) and check for any signs of corrosion or leaking.
  2. Next the engineer will remove the outer casing to inspect and clean parts on the inside such as the heat exchanger.
  3. Then it's a case of making sure that the flue terminals aren't being obstructed and that the water and gas pipes are all intact.
  4. The engineer will check that the gas pressure and flow settings are at the right levels.
  5. Finally, the engineer will fire up the boiler to see how it performs. This will help to bring any faults with the components or temperature controls to their attention.

You'll be handed a boiler service report which highlights all of the tests and checks they performed. If you're unsure about anything from the service, don't hesitate to ask any questions at this point.

How Much Does a Ferroli Boiler Service Cost?

A typical boiler service will usually cost between £60 and £120 but there are many things that can have an impact on this price:

  • Your location
  • Type of boiler being serviced
  • When the boiler was installed
  • The engineer performing the boiler service.

If you're looking to save as much money as possible on the boiler service, we recommend booking it during the summer when heating engineers are less busy and prices are more competitive. This also brings the benefit of giving you the peace of mind that your boiler is ready for the colder winter months.

You should NEVER service a boiler yourself – instead, contact a Gas Safe registered boiler engineer.

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Boiler Service Plans

If your concerned about having to pay for a service all in one go you may want to consider a boiler service plan or boiler insurance which includes servicing. Taking out one of these plans means that the cost is spread over 12 monthly payments which can make it more affordable. Boiler insurance plans are particularly suited to people with boilers over 8 years old which are no longer covered by a warranty.

However, by the end of the 12 month period it's likely that you will have paid out over £100 and you could arrange a boiler service for much less, so if you can afford to pay it all in one go this is the cheaper option in the long run.

Boiler Maintenance

In addition to your annual service there are a few boiler health checks you can carry out for yourself to give your boiler the best chance at doing its job efficiently and effectively.

Check the pilot light

You should always see a strong blue flame in your boiler. Contact a Gas Safe engineer if you see an orange or yellow flame as that means the boiler isn't burning the fuel correctly. An engineer is required as there could be a carbon monoxide leak which has the potential to be very dangerous.

Insulate Your Pipes

Pipes can freeze when the temperature drops, causing high boiler pressure, leaking and even a breakdown. You can prevent this by simply insulating the pipes with lagging suc as mineral or glass wool, polyethylene or foam.

Monitor the Pressure Level

Checking the pressure gauge from time to time to make sure it's at the right level. Ideally, the reading should be somewhere between 1 and 1.5 bar, any lower or higher and your boiler could stop working. You can lower or increase the boiler pressure yourself by consulting the manufacturer manual that came with your boiler.

Keep the Boiler Ventilated

For a boiler to operate safely, the unit, along with the fule, need plenty of space to guarantee enough ventilation. Maintenance, servicing and repair work will also be made a lot easier if the engineer aren't fighting to get close!

Insulate Your Home as Much as Possible

Your Ferroli boiler works hard to heat your home using as little fuel as possible but you can make its job a little easier with better insulation to stop the heat escaping outside. Don't forget about the small details like window seals and letterboxes; it all adds up.

Get an Annual Service

In addition to this general maintenance you still need to book in an annual service for your Ferroli boiler by a professional. While the potential cost might put you off, good deals are out there and comparing multiple quotes is a good place to start.

Need a Ferroli Boiler Service?

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