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Compare Froling Biomass Boiler Prices & Reviews

Rob Wells
By: Rob Wells
Updated: 24th July 2023

Froling biomass boilers

Froling have been developing wood heating technology since 1961 and have cemented their place as a leading biomass boiler manufacturer. They have an extensive range of biomass boilers that can run on wood logs, pellets or chips.

When comparing biomass boilers, it's important to consider the output, efficiency, warranty and potential cost.

    • Output: Installing a boiler with a suitable output rating for the heating and hot water demands of your home is essential when comparing replacement boilers. Output rating is measured in kilowatts (kW) and if it's too high for your home then your heating bills will shoot up. Too low, on the other hand, and the heating system will fail to meet the demands of your property.
    • Efficiency: As a renewable heating system, biomass boilers are highly efficient and will help to lower your carbon footprint (if you're replacing a gas or oil boiler). Each boiler has its own efficiency rating which equates to the amount of fuel it's able to convert into usable energy.

Froling biomass boilers are all over 90% efficient and receive an A+ rating. This makes them highly efficient and could potentially lower your energy bills as a result.

  • Warranty: A warranty period will see that you're protected by the manufacturer in the event of fault following the installation. Froling biomass boilers are available with a warranty of up to 5 years – the length varies depending on the manufacturer's terms and conditions.
  • Price: The potential cost of a new heating system is likely to play a big part in your final decision-making. Compared to gas and oil boilers, biomass heating systems have a higher price tag attached to them. However, it's worth looking at the long term costs involved as biomass fuels are inexpensive compared with gas and oil.

Froling biomass boiler fuels

Biomass boilers are diverse heating systems that can be fuelled by different forms of wood. These include wood logs, pellets and chips and Froling offer biomass boiler ranges that can run on any of these fuels.


Wood logs are the largest biomass fuel and will need to be manually fed into the boiler when you want heating. When purchased from a supplier the logs should have low moisture content. Wet logs would burn inefficiently as well as producing vast amounts of tar and soot.

If you live near a woodland area then you could potentially heat your home for free by sourcing logs yourself. Having said this, remember that low moisture content is essential.


Pellets are made from compressed sawdust and can be automatically fed into the boiler via a hopper.

Wood chips

Wood chips are tiny bits of wood that have been through a chipper. Thanks to their size, wood chips can also be automatically-fed into the biomass boiler when the heating is needed.

As well as biomass boilers that run on each of these fuels, Froling have developed dual biomass boilers that can be fuelled by both wood logs and pellets.

Froling log wood biomass boilers

Available in output ratings from 15 kW up to 60 kW, there's a suitable log-fuelled Froling biomass boiler for almost any home. As well as models with different outputs, the units are available in various sizes to help make for a flexible installation.

Froling biomass log wood boilers Output ratings (kW) Efficiency Dimensions in mm (HxWxD) Warranty
S1 Turbo 15 & 20 A+ 1,235 x 685 x 1,000 Up to 5 years
S3 Turbo 20/30 20 & 30 A+ 1,470 x 570 x 1,160 Up to 5 years
S3 Turbo 40/45 40 & 45 A+ 1,570 x 670 x 1,250 Up to 5 years
S4 Turbo 22/28 22 & 28 A+ 1,565 x 570 x 1,125 Up to 5 years
S4 Turbo 34/60 34, 40, 50 & 60 A+ 1,565 x 670 x 1,215 Up to 5 years

Froling biomass boilers (pellets)

Froling's range of wood pellet biomass boilers are best suited to new-builds and properties that have been renovated. There are output ratings of 7 kW all the way up to 60 kW so you should be able to find a suitable heating system for your property.

Froling biomass pellet boilers Output ratings (kW) Efficiency rating Dimensions in mm (HxWxD) Warranty
PE1 Pellet (7-10) 7 & 10 A+ 1,200 x 650 x 690 Up to 5 years
PE1 Pellet (15-20) 15 & 20 A+ 1,200 x 750 x 690 Up to 5 years
PE1 Pellet (25-35) 25, 30 & 35 A+ 1,470 x 750 x 850 Up to 5 years
PE1c Pellet 15 & 20 A++ 1,500 x 750 x 780 Up to 5 years
P4 Pellet 48 48 A+ 1,585 x 1,030 x 900 Up to 5 years
P4 Pellet 60 60 A+ 1,585 x 1,030 x 900 Up to 5 years

Froling wood chip biomass boilers

Froling wood chip and shavings biomass boilers are designed to heat your property for many years and deliver highly efficient performance. This is a powerful range with a suitable system for many property types and sizes. We don't list it in the table below, as it isn't suitable for domestic settings, but the range includes outputs up to 1,000 kW.

Froling biomass wood chip boilers Output ratings (kW) Efficiency Dimensions in mm (HxWxD) Warranty
T4e 20-35 19.9, 25.1, 30 & 35 Up to 96.3% 1,490 x 640 x 1,170 Up to 5 years
T4e 45-60 45, 49.9 & 60 Up to 96.3% 1,690 x 640 x 1,270 Up to 5 years

Froling firewood and pellet dual biomass boilers

Froling dual biomass boilers can run on a combination of firewood and pellets. This saves you from committing to a single type of biomass fuel. There are 2 ranges, SP Dual and SP Dual Compact which aren't as tall.

Froling dual biomass boilers Heat output – firewood (kW) Heat output – pellets (kW) Efficiency Dimensions in mm (HxWxD) Warranty
SP Dual 22 22 22 A+ 1,565 x 1,000 x 1,125 Up to 5 years
SP Dual 28 28 25 A+ 1,565 x 1,000 x 1,125 Up to 5 years
SP Dual 34 34 34 A+ 1,565 x 1,100 x 1,215 Up to 5 years
SP Dual 40 40 38 A+ 1,565 x 1,100 x 1,215 Up to 5 years
SP Dual Compact 15 15 15 A+ 1,335 x 1,105 x 1,080 Up to 5 years
SP Dual Compact 20 20 20 A+ 1,335 x 1,105 x 1,080 Up to 5 years

Froling T4e

One of the most popular biomass boilers manufactured by Froling is the T4e. It's a dual biomass heating system that can run on both wood chips and pellets. The T4e boasts a number of features, including:

  • Performs at a highly efficient level of up to 96.3%
  • Compact dimensions make it easier to find a suitable location for the unit to be installed
  • A 7" touchscreen display on the unit gives you increased control
  • Requires very little electricity to operate to keep energy costs to a minimum

Benefits of Froling biomass boilers

Installing a Froling biomass boiler is a great step in lowering the carbon footprint of your home. And this is a leading benefit of all biomass boilers. Some of the specific benefits of Froling biomass boilers include:

  • Biomass boilers that can run on wood logs, pellet and chips
  • A range of fully automatic boilers (wood chip and pellet boilers)
  • Monitor performance and control your biomass heating system with the Froling app
  • A warranty period of up to 5 years

How much do Froling biomass boilers cost?

Froling biomass boiler prices can be hard to find. As an estimate, Froling biomass boilers typically cost between £8,000 and £14,000.

As well as the cost of the biomass boiler itself, you will also need to consider the installation costs. Biomass boiler installation costs will vary from one installation to another as no two installations are the same and installers all set their own rates.

To get the most competitive price, we highly recommend comparing quotes from multiple biomass installers. And by completing our simple online form, you can get free quotes for the installation of a biomass boiler from up to 3 installers based near you. You'll then be able to compare the quotes and go ahead with the installation confident that you're being charged a fair price.

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Rob Wells

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Rob Wells

Rob is another of our resident home heating experts. He manages our external partnerships, making sure you get the most up to date information.

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