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Johnson & Starley Boiler Service & Maintenance

Rob Wells
By: Rob Wells
Updated: 9th December 2021

Arranging an annual service for your Johnson & Starley boiler could help to extend its life, potentially heating your home for up to 15 years.

An essential part of this maintenance is an annual boiler service to make sure it's working safely and to keep it running at its maximum efficiency, i.e. getting your heating bills stay as low as possible.

Is your boiler due a service?



What is a boiler service?

A qualified heating engineer need to carry out various tests and inspections on your boiler and flue to ensure it's working to its maximum potential and doesn't have any potential safety risks for your home. The heating engineer must have the appropriate qualification for the type of boiler they're working on, this means that a gas boiler should be serviced by a Gas Safe engineer and an oil boiler by an OFTEC engineer.

Johnson & Starley boilers are fueled by gas, which means that a Gas Safe engineer will need to be hired for the service. You can find a list of registered engineers on the Gas Safe Register website and you should always ask to see their Gas Safe ID card as soon as they arrive.

If the engineer is doing a thorough job a boiler service should last at least 30 minutes but this may vary depending type of boiler you have and if they come across any issues or faults during the service.

Boiler service checklist

Once you've checked the engineer's Gas Safe ID card they will run through some standard checks. Here are the key things they'll be looking for:

  1. The engineer will check that the pilot light is burning blue (not yellow or orange) and there are no signs of corrosion or leaks.
  2. They will then remove the casing so that they can inspect and clean the internal parts such as the heat exchanger, burner, main injector, safety devices and spark probe.
  3. Next they will check that the flue terminals are free of any obstruction as well as being safely installed. They should also make sure that seals, water and gas pipework are all in good condition.
  4. The engineer will take readings of the gas pressure and flow settings, ensuring that they're at the correct level.
  5. Finally, the engineer should put the boiler into operation so that they can check for any running faults and issues with the temperature controls.

After the service, the engineer will leave you with a service report, highlighting everything that they've done. If you're uncertain about anything that they've done don't hesitate to ask any questions, they'll be happy to help.

Is your boiler due a service?



Why is it Important to Service Your Johnson & Starley Boiler?


A boiler service is the engineer's opportunity to correct any potential safety issues, such as a carbon monoxide leak. As an odourless and colourless gas, carbon monoxide can go undetected and lead to serious health problems or even death. Any concerns about how your boiler is operating, especially if you notice that the flame is an orange or yellow colour, and you shouldn't hesitate to contact a Gas Safe engineer. Don't wait until your next service is due.

Keep heating bills down

Something that's important to most when it comes to the central heating is keeping the bills as low as possible. During a boiler service, the engineers will make sure that all of the components are running efficiently, helping to save you money for longer.

Prevent breakdowns

Even the smallest issue with the boiler could one day become a major fault of left to worsen. Identifying potential faults before they grow into something bigger is an important part of a boiler service and could save you from a hefty repair bill or a complete breakdown in the future.


All Johnson & Starley boilers come with an 8 year warranty as standard, so no matter which model you purchase you'll be getting a lengthy warranty. However, this warranty is only valid as long as you get the boiler serviced by a Gas Safe engineer every year. If you don't get an annual service you'll be responsible for the cost of any repairs needed.

Johnson & Starley boiler service costs

For a one-off boiler service you're looking a cost of between £60 – £120. There are several factors that will have an impact on the final bill though: your location in the UK, boiler model, age of the unit and, ultimately, the engineer carrying out the service.

It's possible to save money on the service by arranging it during the summer when heating engineers are likely to be quieter and their prices more competitive. In addition to saving some money, you will know that your boiler is ready to heat your home when winter arrives.

You should NEVER attempt to service a boiler yourself. ALWAYS hire a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Is your boiler due a service?



Boiler service plans

Rather than paying a one-off fee for a boiler service, you can take out a boiler service plan for a period of 12 months. During this time, you would pay a fixed monthly fee to spread the cost of the boiler service.

In total, a boiler service plan is likely to cost over £100 so you could well be better off paying one-off fee, especially if your boiler is still under warranty. However, if your boiler is any older than 8 years and no longer under warranty then it's worth considering as you're covered in the case of an unexpected breakdown.

Boiler maintenance

As well as the service, you can carry out some checks yourself to make sure that the boiler is running as it should all year round.

Insulate Your Pipes

External pipes are susceptible to freezing during the winter months so it's a very good idea to get them insulated. Otherwise, a blockage can form causing high pressure, leaks or even breakdown completely. To combat this, you can insulate the pipes using lagging such as mineral or glass wool, polyethylene or foam.

Check the pressure

The ideal boiler pressure should read somewhere between 1 and 2 bar and you can check this yourself by looking at the pressure gauge, although this will vary depending on the brand and type of boiler you have. The reason that it's important to check the pressure is because over time, pressure can drop, meaning that the boiler might struggle to ignite. If it's too high it could cause damage to the system. Should your boiler need repressurising, then you should check the instruction manual provided by your manufacturer.

Insulate your home

Your boiler can be running to its maximum efficiency but you won't feel the benefit unless you have a well insulated home. If heat is escaping through window seals, letterboxes, chimneys or other draughts your boiler is having to work harder to keep you warm. If the boiler is working harder it's using more fuel which will increase your energy bills and the boiler may not last as long.

Book an annual service

While there are lots of things you can do to help your boiler and central heating system run efficiently, an annual service is essential to ensure it is safe and heating your home as effectively as possible.

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