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Compare Windhager Biomass Boiler Prices & Reviews

Rob Wells
By: Rob Wells
Updated: 24th July 2023

Windhager biomass boilers

Windhager biomass boilers have led the industry as effective, efficient and safe heating systems for over 90 years. Their range of biomass boilers includes models that can run on wood chips, logs or pellets and are available in a range of sizes to suit most properties.

The installation of a biomass boiler should follow a comparison of suitable models. To do this, you will need to take a close look at the output rating, efficiency, warranty and potential price of each model.

  • Output: When having a new boiler installed, it's essential that the output rating suits the heating demands of your home. An output rating is simply the power of the boiler – the higher the output rating, the more powerful the boiler.If you have a biomass boiler installed with an output rating that's too low then it won't be able to meet demand. The solution isn't to simply get the most powerful unit you can afford, however, because this could lead to your heating bills going up unnecessarily.

    A biomass boiler installer will be able to recommend the ideal output rating for your property based on your demand for central heating and hot water.

  • Efficiency: Ideally, your new biomass boiler will convert as much of the fuel into usable energy as possible. And the efficiency rating is the best way to see how well a boiler uses the fuel. It's displayed as a percentage and Windhager biomass boilers achieve efficiencies over 90% – a similar level to gas and oil boilers.
  • Warranty: In the unlikely event of a fault developing soon after the installation of a replacement boiler, you want to know that you're covered. And this is where the warranty period comes in. During the warranty period (2-7 years for Windhager biomass boilers) the manufacturer will cover the costs of repair if there's a fault. Always check the manufacturer's warranty terms and conditions so you know what they'll cover.
  • Price: Biomass boilers are typically more expensive than conventional gas and oil units. This shouldn't rule out the installation of a biomass heating system as the long term costs involved could help to save you money.

Windhager biomass boiler fuels

Depending on the model, biomass boilers can be fuelled by either wood chips, logs, pellets or a combination of these fuels.

Wood chips

When wood is passed through a chipper it's turned into wood chips and these can be used to fuel a biomass boiler. As they're smaller than wood logs, wood chips can be automatically-fed into the biomass boiler – saving you a job.

Wood logs

By far the largest biomass fuel, wood logs need to be manually-fed into a biomass boiler as and when heating or hot water is needed. Wood logs are abundantly available in wooded areas so if you have access to one then you could potentially reduce your fuelling costs to zero.

Wood pellets

Wood pellets are the most widely available biomass fuel available in the UK. They're small tube-shaped pieces that are made up of compressed biomass materials.

Wood pellets are the easiest to store as they take up the least amount of space. In addition, it's possible for the pellets to be automatically-fed into the boiler as and when heating and hot water is needed. This is opposed to you having to put the fuel into the boiler yourself, as is the cast with wood logs.

Biomass boilers manufactured by Windhager are available to run on any of these biomass fuels plus there's a log and pellet hybrid model.

Windhager wood chip biomass boilers

Windhager's range of PuroWIN biomass boilers are some of the most advanced wood chip boilers available. They're highly efficient, come in outputs of 7.2 kW up to 60 kW and are available with a 5 year warranty.

Windhager Biomass Boiler (Wood Chip) Output Range (kW) Efficiency Warranty
PuroWIN 24 7.2 – 24 93.5% 5 years
PuroWIN 30 9 – 30 93.4% 5 years
PuroWIN 40 12 – 40 93.8% 5 years
PuroWIN 49 14.7 – 49 94.2% 5 years
PuroWIN 60 18 – 60 94.7% 5 years

Windhager wood log biomass boilers

Windhager LogWIN Premium and LogWIN Klassik biomass boilers are built with high quality combustion chambers to deliver efficient performance. Available with a 7 year warranty, you'll be well covered after the installation.

Windhager Biomass Boiler (Wood Chip) Output Range (kW) Efficiency Warranty
LogWIN Premium 13.4 – 17.4 91.5% 7 years
LogWIN Premium 13.4 – 25 91.8% 7 years
LogWIN Premium 13.4 – 29.9 92% 7 years
LogWIN Premium 23.7 – 35.6 91.5% 7 years
LogWIN Premium 23.7 – 49.9 90.1% 7 years
LogWIN Klassik 18 – 30 92% 7 years

Windhager wood pellet biomass boilers

Windhager biomass pellet boilers have been designed so that there's plenty of time between any cleaning or maintenance. There are several ranges, including the BioWIN2 Touch, BioWIN Lite, BioWIN Excel, BioWIN Kaskade and FireWIN. Available in a wide range of outputs, there's a model to suit properties of all sizes.

Windhager Biomass Boiler (Wood Pellets) Output Range (kW) Efficiency Warranty
BioWIN2 Touch 102 3 – 9.9 94.4% 7 years
BioWIN2 Touch 152 4.3 – 15 93.8% 7 years
BioWIN2 Touch 212 6.3 – 21 93.9% 7 years
BioWIN2 Touch 262 7.6 – 25.9 93.9% 7 years
BioWIN2 Touch 332 9.8 – 32.5 94.8% 7 years
BioWIN Lite 102 3 – 9.9 94.4% 2 years
BioWIN Lite 152 4.3 – 15 93.8% 2 years
BioWIN Lite 212 6.3 – 21 93.9% 2 years
BioWIN Lite 262 7.4 – 25.9 93.9% 2 years
BioWIN Excel 350 10 – 35 91.2% 7 years
BioWIN Excel 450 13.5 – 45 90% 7 years
BioWIN Excel 600 18 – 60 90.1% 7 years
BioWIN Kaskade 6.5 – 240 92% 7 years
FireWIN 90 9 95.7% 7 years
FireWIN 120 12 95.7% 7 years

Wood pellet and log hybrid boilers

Windhager DuoWIN hybrid boilers are able to provide heating and hot water using logs and pellets. The system will automatically switch to using the most effective and efficient fuel to meet demand.

  • A PowerBoost feature allows for logs and pellets to be burned at the same time
  • The pellet-burning biomass boiler can be retro-fitted onto the log boiler
  • Burning wood pellets alone is up to 25% more efficient
Windhager Wood Pellet & Log Hybrid Biomass Boilers Combined Output Rating – Logs & Pellets (kW) Efficiency Warranty
DuoWIN K18 P15 33 93.8% 7 years
DuoWIN K25 P21 46 93.9% 7 years
DuoWIN K25 P26 51 93.9% 7 years
DuoWIN K30 P26 56 93.9% 7 years

Benefits of Windhager biomass boilers

Having a wide range of biomass boilers is one of the major benefits offered by the Windhager brand. However, the advantages don't end there. By having a Windhager biomass boiler installed, you'll benefit from:

  • An environmentally friendly heating system that's carbon neutral
  • A highly efficient system that could help to lower your heating bills
  • Increase efficiency further with the addition of a Modular Energy System (MES) which will deliver more intuitive control over the heating
  • Available with extensive warranties of between 2 and 7 years
  • Eligible installations will be able to apply to receive payments through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

How much do Windhager biomass boilers cost?

Windhager biomass boiler prices begin from around £4,990 for BioWIN Lite wood pellet units. For most of their range, you will be looking at costs of between £7,000 and £11,000.

As well as the cost of the biomass boiler itself, you will also need to factor in the cost of installation. And to find the most competitive price for the installation of a Windhager biomass boiler, we highly recommend comparing quotes.

By comparing at least 3 quotes, you can be confident that you're being charged a fair and competitive price. You wouldn't have this same assurance by receiving and accepting a single quote.

You can get free quotes from up to 3 biomass boiler installers based in your local area using Boiler Guide. All you have to do is take a few moments to complete our simple online form and we'll do the rest.

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Rob Wells

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Rob Wells

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