Neo by Heatmiser

It’s time to say goodbye to your old timer and thermostat and bring your home heating into the 21st century with the Heatmiser Neo. Launched earlier in 2014 to meet growing demand for smartphone control of heating systems, Neo
Heatmiser neoStat is another popular smart thermostat which is designed to help energy consumers take control of
Neo by Heatmiser smart thermostat
allows the end user to control heating and hot water remotely from anywhere. If you want to save energy and reduce your heating bills Neo by Heatmiser could be the solution.

Based in the UK, Heatmiser have been manufacturing traditional thermostats for more than 30 years. In fact, they were the first company to introduce a wi-fi enabled thermostat back in 2011.

Smart thermostats are starting to flood the market; Neo has been developed to address the heating requirements of both the retrofit and new build market. Easy to set up, it’s a smart solution for those who want to monitor and control their heating and hot water from their smartphone. It’s ideal for larger homes where ordinary RF thermostats may not be suitable.

What is it?

Somewhat similar to Hive by British Gas, Neo gives the end user complete control over their hot water and heating via a web browser or an app from smartphones and tablets. Unlike the Tado smart thermostat Neo provides a very hands on approach to energy management although it suffers in comparison to the likes of Tado and Nest because it can’t learn your energy habits and adapt and there is no occupancy detection either.

Benefiting from a large digital display, the Neo kit comprises of a neoStat which replaces the existing thermostat, a neoStat-hw to replace the programmer and the neoHub that plugs into your home’s broadband router which communicates between devices.

Available in two kits, NeoKit1 costs £185 – £205 and comes with a neoStat control panel to control heating and a neoHub. NeoKit2 retails for £225 – £290 and includes a neoStat, one neoStat-hw and a neoHub. You can also choose between two different colours: Glacier White or Sapphire Black.

How does it work?

With the Heatmiser Neo you can control multiple zones (rooms) in your house and adjust the temperature of your heating manually or remotely via the neoApp which is available on iOS, Android

and now Windows phones. You control your hot water in the same way. This type of multi zone control delivers optimum energy efficiency. By setting up profiles you can change and store different comfort level settings and switch the heating into away mode when you’re not at home.

The neoHub is the heart of the Neo Heatmiser and the gateway to the Neo system. Once connected to your router it allows you to control the neoStat(s) in your home, providing intuitive control of heating and hot water from your mobile devices. Replacing an existing traditional three wire thermostat, the Heastmiser neoStat is designed to work as a thermostat or a timer. There should be no new wiring required.

If you want to maintain a set temperature for several hours in a certain number of rooms, Neo allows you to do just that. But you will need to install multiple neoStats if you want to be able to control the temperature in different zones independently.

For anyone who wants to heat their home more efficiently, and likes the idea of being able to control heating and hot water from a smartphone, the Heatmiser Neo could be the advanced heating control system to meet your needs.

Benefits of Heatmiser Neo

  • Easy to install and set up
  • Large, digital temperature display
  • Control multiple zones/rooms in your home
  • Able to adjust temperature manually or remotely via an app
  • Control both heating and hot water
  • neoApp available for iOS, Android and windows smartphones
  • Multi zone control for optimum energy efficiency
  • A more efficient home means cheaper heating bills