Installer with Electrical Qualification

TrustMark Registration to be Essential for Tradespeople Under ECO3

Tradespeople carrying out work through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) will need to be registered with a TrustMark quality scheme, the government has announced. From 1st Ja […]

Customer Case Study: HeatSource Wales

"If quality leads is what you are looking for then Boiler Guide is about the best.”
Matthew Powell, HeatSource Wales Director

Quality Plumber Week 2019 to Focus on Mental Health

Quality Plumber Week returns in 2019 to celebrate the work carried out by plumbers and heating engineers, with additional focus on supporting their mental health too. Organised […]

Hot Weather Working Tips

As temperatures continue to rise and hot weather records are broken year after year, the summer months are an increasingly uncomfortable time of year to be working. July 2019 s […]

Top Electric Boiler Installation Tips

The demand for more efficient heating systems is on the rise amongst consumers and that has seen a growing interest in electric boilers. Heating installers who aren’t already q […]

80% of Boiler Guide Leads go on to Buy a New Boiler

When deciding whether or not to buy a boiler lead, you want to know where the lead has come from, that they are a real person who is looking for quotes and that they are genuin […]

UK Boiler Care: From Local Company to Regional Business – Customer Case Study

“From our experience, Boiler Guide leads are by far the best leads available.” Sean Whiting, founder of UK Boiler Care. After earning an excellent reputation in their local are […]

Women in Heating: Join the Movement

It won’t be news to you that there are very few women currently working as heating engineers and/or plumbers. While it’s hard to put a figure on it, the Institute of Engineerin […]
Installer with electrical qualification

Would an Electrical Qualification Benefit Heating Installers?

By earning a qualification to work on electrical components, heating installers are to open themselves up to more work and not have to seek so much outside specialist help with […]
Installer with Electrical Qualification

Tackle Heat Loss with New Heat Engineer Software

Any heating engineer knows how important it is to take a property’s heat losses into consideration before installing a heating system. Whether it’s a traditional fossil fuel bo […]