Which is the Best Cheap Boiler?

Best Cheap Boiler
Looking for a cheap combi boiler? Here are some of the best value for money.

Sometimes we all need to keep to a budget, it’s a fact of life. So when it comes to replacing a broken boiler, how can you find that magic balance between quality and value for money? We’ve compared two of the leading cheap combi boilers on the market to give you a helping hand.


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Battle of the cheap boilers

Vokera Compact 29A Combi vs Glow-worm Energy Combi
Let’s take a closer look at the most popular cheap boiler from each brand to find out which could offer you the best value for money.

Both boilers are recommended for 1-2 bedroom homes with 1 bathroom and up to 10 radiators. As with all combi boilers, they do not require a storage cylinder or tank as they heat water on demand. For that reason they are not usually suitable for homes with multiple bathrooms and a high demand for hot water.

Boiler Make / Model Vokera Compact A Combi Glow-worm Energy Combi
Outputs Available (kW) 25kW, 29kW 25kW, 30kW, 35kW
ErP Rating (efficiency) A (89%) A (89.2%)
Size (HxWxD) 72 x 41 x 25cm 74 x 42 x 30cm
Hot Water Flow Rate (Litres per Minute) 11.9 12.5
LPG Compatible Model Available Yes, with conversion kit No
Standard Warranty 2 years 7 years
User Display Digital Bright LCD
Flexible Flue Options Yes Yes
*Boiler needs to be installed by an accredited installer,
and serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

How cheap are the boilers?

These Vokèra and Glow-worm boilers are at the lower end of the price scale and both tend to fall somewhere between £550 – £650 (on average), so there is very little daylight between them. This Vokèra boiler is usually a little cheaper at around £550 while the Glow-worm averages around £650. The installation costs of each boiler will vary depending on the installer you choose so be sure to get quotes from at least 2 different companies.

Remember, there may be other costs to consider such as accessories like TRVs or new controls so you will need a professional to carry out a survey of your home to be sure of exactly what’s needed.

If you already have a Vokèra boiler in place, it’s worth knowing that all Vokèra boilers include standard pipework fittings. This means that replacing an older Vokèra with a new Vokèra could simplify and lower the cost of installation.

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If it’s time to replace your current boiler, use our free service to get quotes now


Still not cheap enough? Depending on your circumstances, you may qualify for a free boiler grant towards the cost of a new boiler. To find out if you qualify and to apply, visit boilergrants.co.uk. Please note that funding here is now extremely limited.

Repairs and warranties

Both companies have a team of Gas Safe registered service engineers on hand to support you if anything goes wrong. It’s worth noting that Glow-worm offer a considerably longer standard warranty of 7 years, compared to Vokèra’s 2 year warranty, meaning that you get much more peace of mind.


As with most cheap combi boilers, both these brands claim that their boiler offers compact, cupboard fit. The Vokèra boiler, however, is slightly smaller in terms of dimensions and weighs just 27 kg which is 6 kg less than the Glow-worm boiler. Of course, the lift weight won’t matter to you as a homeowner but an easier installation for the engineer can mean reduced labour costs.


In addition to the standard thermostats and wireless controls that both brands offer, each of these boilers is compatible with smart controls that enable you to control your heating from anywhere via a smartphone or tablet app. Vokèra is compatible with BeSmart which can manage up to 8 different heating zones from anywhere in the world, includes weather compensation and pre-programmable comfort levels. It also features automatic alerts for both the customer and Vokèra Service Centre if something goes wrong with the boiler.

Glow-worm have their own app based control system called MiGo which delivers all the same functions as BeSmart. It’s also a self-learning system that adapts to the energy requirements of your home and monitors and adjusts energy consumption.

Brands behind the cheap boilers

Both brands hold a respectable position in the UK domestic boiler industry. Vokèra have been producing heating solutions for 30 years while Glow-worm have been on the scene for over 80 years. In addition, both are backed by global parent companies the Riello Group (Vokèra) and Vaillant (Glow-worm) so have a solid financial foundation and established customer support procedures.

From our research, it seems that these brands fall down when it comes to overall reliability and the quality of their components when compared the high end models like Worcester Bosch or Vaillant. They are not, however, as heavily criticised as some other brands and seem to be generally considered as ‘average’. Where they come together is their offering of ‘cost conscious’ or ‘value for money’ boilers. So, if you’re on a budget and looking for a no frills boiler to get the job done, they could be the right move for you.

The best cheap boiler is…

There’s no arguing with numbers and, if saving money is top of your priorities then the smaller, lightweight Vokèra is the cheaper option. However, when it comes to cheap boilers you tend to get what you pay for. For a little more money the Glow-worm offers 3 years longer in warranty and comes with higher recommendations and reviews from both homeowners and engineers.

So the winner of the battle of the cheap combi boilers is clear to see: the Glow-worm Energy Combi.

How much does combi boiler installation cost?

Whether it’s the price, the efficiency or the warranty which swings your decision, when you’ve decided on a particular brand of boiler you also need to consider the cost of installation. In addition to the price of the boiler itself, you need to pay a Gas Safe registered heating engineer to fit it in your home. The cost of installation will vary depending on the engineer you use and, often, where you live in the UK. However, on average a combi boiler installation will cost between £500 – £1,500 on top of the price of the boiler.

The best way to keep installation costs as cheap as possible is to find and compare several quotes from different companies. By comparing quotes and checking their experience, qualifications and customer feedback you can ensure you find not only the best price, but also the best quality service. Here at Boiler Guide we can help you to save money on your boiler installation by finding you up to 3 free no-obligation quotes from engineers in your local area.

Whether you’re looking to install one of these boilers or any other, you can get up to 3 free quotes from approved heating engineers in your area with no-obligation and no hassle.

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