Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair

Whether it’s a one off boiler repair, emergency boiler repair, annual servicing or a total boiler replacement, we can help you find the right solution to your broken boiler.

Emergency Boiler Repair

When you need an emergency boiler repair it can be a very stressful and potentially dangerous issue. Examples of an emergency boiler repair could include:

  • Your boiler has broken down in the middle of winter and you have no other source of heating.
  • Pipes, cylinders or tanks have burst and / or are leaking water in your home. This is particularly dangerous if water is coming into contact with your electrics.
  • Gases or fumes such as the potentially lethal carbon monoxide are escaping.
  • Luckily, many heating companies and engineers offer a 24 hour emergency call out service.

    It’s important to remember, particularly in the case of emergency boiler repairs, that there are very few repairs that an untrained can person carry out. Even people who feel they are handy around the house are not recommended to attempt any repairs other than routine maintenance. This is due to the often complex and varied nature of each boiler and dangers involved with working with gas. If you do need an emergency boiler repair, get a quote now.

    One Off Boiler Repair

    If your boiler develops a fault but it’s not classed as an emergency you will need what’s known as a one off boiler repair.

    The cost of one off boiler repairs can vary considerably. It could be based on the time the engineer takes to repair your broken boiler. In this case an engineer will usually estimate the time that will be needed and the cost of the job, but this could increase if unexpected complications arise.

    Alternatively, many engineers offer a fixed price boiler repair. This is also known as fixed fee boiler repair and means the price you’re quoted won’t change, even if the job takes longer than initially planned. Parts and labour should be included in this price so there are no surprises down the road.

    Boiler Repair & Servicing Contracts

    Many heating installers offer an ongoing boiler repair contract in addition to a one off boiler repair service. This is like insurance for your boiler and, as long as you pay a monthly fee, an engineer will come out to repair your boiler or heating system with no extra charges. These contracts can give great peace of mind that should you need emergency boiler repair, you won’t be faced with a large bill out of the blue.

    These contracts are often arranged via monthly payments which vary in line with how much is included in your cover. For example some will only cover your boiler while others also include the controls, radiators, drains and plumbing. They may also include annual servicing of your boiler which not only keeps your boiler working efficiently and effectively but is usually necessary to ensure your manufacturer’s warranty remains valid.

    An annual boiler service from a Gas Safe registered engineer is essential to ensure that any minor issues with the boiler are resolved before they escalate into emergencies.

    Common Boiler Repairs

    Only a Gas Safe registered engineer can diagnose your broken boiler, but there are some common issues lots of homeowners face. Take a look at the Top 10 Most Common Boiler Problems.

    To find out if there are any commonly reported issues or repair advice associated with your boiler simply choose yours from the table:

    Alpha Repairs Grant Repairs Ravenheat Repairs
    Ariston Repairs Ideal Repairs Vaillant Repairs
    ATAG Repairs Intergas Repairs Viessmann Repairs
    Baxi Repairs Johnson & Starley Repairs Vokera Repairs
    Biasi Repairs Keston Repairs Warmflow Repairs
    Ferroli Repairs Main Repairs Worcester Bosch Repairs
    Firebird Repairs Mistral Repairs Zanussi Repairs
    Glow-worm Repairs Potterton Repairs

    Boiler emergency?



    Boiler Cover, Warranty & Insurance

    Depending on your manufacturer warranty you may be best contacting your manufacturer in the first instance to see if the fault is covered. Each brand offers a different length of warranty and terms and conditions will vary, but they may send one of their own engineers to fix the problem at no charge.

    If your boiler is not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty you may want to consider boiler cover or insurance. Most insurance companies offer policies which will protect your boiler and heating. There are 3 main types available:

  • Boiler-only cover: This protects the boiler unit itself and its heating controls, but nothing else.
  • Boiler and central heating cover: This covers the boiler, its controls, plumbing and radiators.
  • Home emergency cover: This will not only protect your heating system but also any other plumbing, electricity, gas, damaged windows / doors / roof / locks and even pest infestation.
  • If you have insurance which covers boiler breakdowns and repairs you should contact your insurer. They will usually organise a qualified and trusted engineer to carry out the repairs. Most insurers have a 24 hour hotline for emergency boiler repair, so do not be afraid to contact them right away if you are worried about your boiler.

    Sometimes an insurer will ask you to find a local engineer to repair your boiler and will then reimburse you based on your receipts. Of course, if you do not have insurance you will need to find a reliable engineer and pay for the repairs yourself.

    How to Find a Boiler Engineer

    If you’re not covered by a warranty, have not insured your gas boiler or your insurance requests that you contact an engineer yourself, you’ll need to find your own engineer. There are several important factors to consider:

  • Qualifications – All engineers must be Gas safe registered to work on a gas boiler.
  • Experience – If you can do some research into the credentials and experience of the engineers providing your quotes. It’s often really helpful to get a recommendation from a friend. Alternatively you can contact a national company.
  • Check Reviews – Find reviews and customer recommendations on the heating engineer or company to identify any potentially unreliable traders.
  • Quotes – Always get multiple quotes to make sure you can get the best deal you can. Even if you are insured, some insurance companies will put a limit on the amount you can claim on your policy, or raise your premium, so it is wise not to go for the more expensive just because you are insured.

  • Boiler emergency?



    Engineers will work as part of a either a national company such as British Gas, a smaller regional company or independently.

    You don’t need to accept the first quote offered for the boiler repair; compare the services of several engineers and try to shop around for the best deal without compromising on expertise and experience. Click here to find an engineer near you.

    Attempting to fix your own boiler without the correct qualifications can be extremely dangerous. Always make sure you hire a Gas Safe registered engineer to undertake any boiler repair, even in an emergency.

    Should you repair or replace your boiler?

    image of a really old boiler

    The average lifespan of a boiler is 10-15 years and it is generally recommended that any boiler over 15-years-old is replaced. Over time, old boilers will become less efficient (costing you more to run in energy bills) and may need costly repairs to keep them working safely.

    When you consider you can buy a brand new boiler for as little £700 in some cases, it can be more cost effective and simpler in the long run to invest in a replacement boiler rather than fixing an old one.

    Benefits of Boiler Replacement

    Modern central heating boilers are much more energy efficient than older non-condensing boilers. Many old boilers only reach an efficiency rating of 50% which means for every £1 you spend heating your home 50p is wasted. New, condensing boilers generally reach a minimum efficiency of 90% which means far less fuel and money wasted.

    According to the Energy Saving Trust a household could save up to £305 by swapping on old G rated boiler for a new A rated model with controls. And there are also environmental benefits too as you could reduce your home’s carbon footprint by as much as 1,200kg of CO2 a year.

    Replacement Boiler Quotes

    Get quotes to supply and fit a new boiler now


    Manufacturer Error Codes

    Sometimes a broken boiler will display what’s known as an error code or fault code. Depending on which brand and model of boiler you have this will indicate what’s wrong with your boiler and, in some cases, may even suggest a way to rectify the problem.

    We’ve put together a guide to error codes by manufacturer to help you identify your boiler’s fault:

  • Worcester Bosch Error Codes
  • Vaillant Error Codes
  • Ideal Error Codes
  • Baxi Error Codes
  • Glow-worm Error Codes
  • View Error Codes for All Manufacturers
  • Your boiler manual will include all the possible fault codes for your particular boiler. If you don’t have the boiler manual anymore, you can request one from the manufacturer. We recommend you find a Gas Safe registered engineer to diagnose and carry out the repair. Get quotes from Gas Safe engineers near you.