Gas Safe Registered Boiler Engineers

Gas safe engineer

What is the Gas Safe Register?

A list of engineers who are registered to work legally and safely on gas appliances. By law, all gas engineers must be on this register – any tradespeople carrying out work on gas appliances who are not are illegal and could face fines and even prison time.

In order to get on the register, an engineer will be checked to ensure they are qualified and competent to legally work with gas.

How do I ask if they are Gas Safe registered?

Engineers are used to being asked for their ID upon entering a customer’s home so don’t feel hesitant about requesting to see their Gas Safe ID card.

The best time to ask is when your plumber arrives, before they enter your home and commence work on your gas appliances.

There are several important components to check on the card including the expiry date, security hologram and if the engineer is qualified to carry out the kind of work you require.

A full list of items to check on the card can be found on the Gas Safe Register website, where you can also look up a company or engineers details.

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