What to do in the Event of No Hot Water

No Hot Water
Finding that your hot water has stopped working can be a stressful time and there’s a number of reasons why it can happen.

It’s not always a case of there being no hot water in your home, as you might find it still works when the central heating is on or that all the taps have hot water but the shower doesn’t. So, we’ve provided advice for several scenarios that could leave your taps running cold.

Remember that you shouldn’t attempt to repair any boiler faults yourself, instead, contact a qualified engineer who will safely carry out the work.

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No Hot Water? Here’s What to do Next…

There’s a number of reasons why there might be no hot water in your house and we’ve listed everything you should check below. If you’re in any doubt whatsoever, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified engineer.

Check the Fuse Box
In the case that you boiler is the only appliance, gas and electric, around the home that isn’t working then take a look at the fuse box to see if there’s a tripped switch as this will stop any power being sent to the unit.

Is the Pilot Light Going Out?
A boiler’s pilot light is a blue flame within the unit that ignites when the heating or hot water is required. The pilot light can go out for one of several reasons, especially in older boilers, but can be a fairly simple issue to resolve. Instructions for igniting the pilot light will vary depending on the make and model of the boiler, so check your boiler’s manual for instructions specific to your unit.

Check the Boiler Pressure
Boiler pressure should be sat somewhere between 1 and 2 bars, you can find out the pressure by looking at the built-in pressure gauge on your boiler. If you find that the pressure is less than one then you’ll need to re-pressurise your boiler – 1.5 is the ideal reading.

Take a Look at the Hot Water Tank
Not only should you check your thermostat but if you have a Regular or System boiler, then there might be one on the hot water tank too. Ensure that it’s set to the correct temperatures and timings as the hot water tank is responsible for storing (and keeping warm) the hot water that will be sent to your taps.

Reset the Boiler
Resetting the boiler can give the unit the nudge it needs to get going again. In most cases, the reset button is on the front of the boiler, you should only reset it following the manufacturer’s instructions. Should the reset button be inside the unit, they’ll you need a Gas Safe engineer to reset the boiler for you.

Airlock in the Pipes
Finding that only a tiny bit of water comes out of the hot tap, despite turning it all the way, could be caused by an airlock in the pipes. This is when the water is prevented from running out of the tap due to a bubble of air blocking the pipe. It is possible to resolve this issue yourself but we highly recommend contacting a qualified engineer to carry out the work.

Thaw a Frozen Condensate Pipe
If your area has recently experienced some freezing weather then there’s a chance that the boiler’s condensate pipe has frozen. The condensate pipe is a part of condensing boilers that sends waste water down a drain in the garden.

During cold weather, you might need to thaw the condensate pipe using hot (not boiling) water.

Try Turning the Boiler Off and On Again
It might sound simple but turning the boiler off and on again could give the unit that restart it needs to get going again.

Time to Call an Engineer
If you’ve been through all of the steps above but still have no hot water running from your taps, then it’s time to contact a professional engineer to take a look.

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Radiators Hot But No Hot Water

In the case that your radiators are heating up but there’s no hot water coming from the taps, then the most likely cause is a broken diverter valve.

Combi boilers are fitted with a diverter valve, that opens and closes depending on whether hot water needs to be sent to the radiators or taps. Sometimes, the diverter valve can get stuck, preventing hot water from being sent one way or the other, leaving your home without either heating or hot water.

To test if this might be the case, see if you get hot water when the heating is on. Should you find that you do get hot water when the heating is on but no hot water when the heating isn’t on, you should contact a qualified engineer to take a look at the diverter valve.

Boiler Working But No Hot Water

In some cases, your boiler might not have any noticeable issues but for some reason you’re left with no hot water from the taps. It’s possible to determine the cause yourself and we’ve provided a checklist below, but you shouldn’t attempt to repair any faults yourself, always contact a qualified engineer.

Thermostat Controls
We’ll start with the simplest of checks: the settings on the thermostat. If the thermostat has been knocked, there was a recent power cut or the clocks went forward or back then you might want to see if the temperature on the thermostat for the hot water is high enough to provide your home with hot water out of the taps.

Supply of Electricity
A power cut can also affect the boiler itself, you can tell if this is the case because the pressure might have dropped down to 0, when it should sit between 1 and 2 (preferably 1.5).

No Hot Water in Shower

Should you have hot water from every tap around the house other than the shower then the most likely cause is a broken mixing valve. The mixing valve is the part that switches the water supply from the tap in the bath up to the shower head and vice versa. You’ll be better off getting the valve replaced so that there’s no chance of it getting stuck again.

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