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Zanussi Boiler Service & Maintenance

Rob Wells
By: Rob Wells
Updated: 9th December 2021

When having a new boiler installed, you expect it to be able to heat your home for many years to come and a Zanussi boiler could last for 10-15 years.

However, a boiler won't be able to deliver its best performance without regular care and maintenance, including a service every year from a Gas Safe engineer.

What is a boiler service?

A boiler service is an annual check on the health of your boiler, the engineer will specifically look into the safety and efficiency of the unit, as well as looking for any potential faults.

Engineers listed on the Gas Safe register are the only people legally permitted to work on gas appliances (OFTEC for oil boilers), nobody else should attempt to service the boiler. Visit the Gas Safe Register website to check that your engineer is listed and also ask to see their Gas Safe ID card as soon as they arrive on the day of the boiler service.

Why is it important to service your Zanussi boiler?

To maintain the highest possible levels of performance, Zanussi boilers need to be checked over annually by a Gas Safe engineer. Failing to arrange a service could shorten the life of the boiler and even lead to breakdowns.

Vital safety checks

Safety checks are the most important part of a boiler service. Any boiler that isn't operating as it should, not completely burning the fuel, for example, could mean that there's a carbon monoxide leak. This is a potentially lethal gas that's hard to detect as it's both colourless and odourless.

Any slight concern that carbon monoxide is leaking from your Zanussi boiler and you should contact a Gas Safe engineer immediately.

Save money on heating bills

A Zanussi boiler receiving the right level of maintenance will maintain higher levels of efficiency for longer. This means that not only will your heating bills be kept as low as possible but your home will emit less carbon into the atmosphere.

Identify problems

Getting to a potential fault early before it has chance to develop is a major benefit of a boiler service. If even the smallest of issues is left for too long then it could eventually lead to your boiler breakdown and you being handed a large bill to cover the repair.

Keep your manufacturer's warranty

The standard warranty on Zanussi boilers is 12 months but if you have one of the Ultra Combi boilers, then you'll have an 'Ultra Warranty' of 10 years to match. Keeping your warranty valid for the full length of time requires a boiler service by a Gas Safe engineer once every 12 months, otherwise the warranty will end early.

Is your boiler due a service?



As part of the boiler service, the engineer will carry out a range of tests and checks to ensure the safe and efficient running of the boiler. All in all, the service should last around 30 minutes, but longer if the engineer comes across any faults. During the service, the engineer will do the following:

  1. The engineer will begin with a visual inspection around the outside of the boiler, mainly looking for signs of corrosion and leaking. In addition, they'll also make sure that the pilot light is burning blue.
  2. Next, they will remove the boiler casing to look over the internal components and give them a clean. Some of these parts include the heat exchanger, burner, main injector, safety devices and spark probe.
  3. They will then inspect the flue terminals to make sure they aren't being obstructed, also ensuring that all seals, water and gas pipework are intact too.
  4. Water flow and gas pressure levels will be checked.
  5. To end, the engineer will put the boiler into operation to make them aware of any operational faults and issues with the temperature controls.

You will be provided with a boiler service report by the Gas Safe engineer, outlining what they've done. Take this opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

How much does a Zanussi boiler service cost?

Typically, a boiler service will cost £60 – £120 but there are several factors that will impact the final amount:

  • Your location (London tends to be the most expensive)
  • Type and make of boiler
  • Age of the boiler

Should the engineer come across any faults or issues with the system, then you will be charged for repair on top of the quoted fee for the service.

It's possible to find a great deal on a boiler service, you just need to know where and when to look. You'll find that engineers are less busy during the summer, so arranging a boiler service at that time of year could help to save you money. Also, it really helps to compare quotes from several engineers, rather than getting the one, that way you can pick the best deal for you.

NEVER attempt to carry out a boiler service yourself – always contact a Gas Safe registered boiler engineer.

Is your boiler due a service?



Boiler service plans

If you're not in the position to pay a one-off fee for a boiler service, you might want to consider taking out a boiler service plan. Covering your boiler with one of these plans means that you're not only covered for a service but any repairs too, for a monthly fee rather than a one time payment.

Before arranging a boiler service plan, it's worth knowing that when you add up all of the monthly payments, they will likely end up adding to more than the fee for a boiler service.

This time of plan is only really worth considering if your Zanussi boiler is over 8 years of age and no longer under warranty. Giving you peace of mind that you're covered should the boiler unexpectedly break down.

Boiler maintenance

In addition to a boiler service, you can help the safe and efficient running of your Zanussi boiler yourself by carrying out the following checks.

Insulate your pipes

External pipes can be susceptible to freezing when the temperature drops, leading to blockages, increased boiler pressure and leaking, any of which can contribute to a boiler breakdown. Help to keep the pipes from freezing by insulating them with lagging.

Monitor the pressure

Ideally, the boiler pressure should read somewhere between 1 and 1.5 bar. Over time, this pressure can drop so it's a good idea to keep an eye on the pressure gauge to make sure that it doesn't fall too low. If it does fall too low then the boiler will struggle to fire into operation, too high and the system could end up damaged. You can increase or decrease the pressure as required yourself by following the manufacturer's instructions.

Insulate your home as much as possible

A poorly insulated home, letting heat escape through window seals or letterboxes, will mean that the boiler has to work even harder to heat the home. Combat this by ensuring that your home is well-insulated and in the long run, your heating bills could start dropping.

Book an annual service

Doing all of the above is great and will really help to keep your boiler operating as it should, however, they should be done as well as a service, not as a substitute for one.

Need a Zanussi boiler service?

When arranging your next Zanussi boiler service, use Boiler Guide to get a free quote from a fully-qualified Gas Safe engineer using our simple online form.

Learn more about Zanussi over on the main page.

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