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Zanussi Boilers: Compare Efficiency, Warranty & Price

Zanussi is a household name when it comes to quality, innovation and contemporary design in household appliances, and Zanussi boilers are no exception. They manufacture gas-fired combi and system boilers that are highly efficient and come with warranties of up to 10 years.

  • Output rating: The size of the boiler is arguably the most essential thing to get right when comparing boilers. By size we don’t mean the physical dimensions rather the power the boiler is able to deliver. Simply put, the higher the output rating then the more capable the boiler will be of meeting higher demands for heating and hot water.
  • Efficiency: Zanussi boilers burn natural gas to produce central heating and hot water. When burning this fuel, some waste gases are produced. And this means that not all of the fuel is converted into usable energy. Fortunately, Zanussi boilers perform efficiently and this is reflected in the seasonal space heating efficiency rating of 92-93%.
  • Warranty: A warranty is a promise from the manufacturer that they will cover the parts and/or labour should a fault arise as a result of the manufacturing process. Zanussi Ultra boilers come with the option of a lengthy 10 year warranty.
  • Price: Zanussi don’t make the prices of their boilers publically available but the typical price of a new boiler can range from £500 to over £2,000.

With our Boiler Comparison Tool, you can compare the key specifications of up to 4 different boilers. To add a new boiler to the comparison, simply hit the ‘add boiler’ symbol. We recommend always including your existing boiler as part of any comparisons that you make.

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Compare the costs of Zanussi Ultra combi boilers

Combi boilers have fast become the most popular boiler type in the UK. They’re single cost-effective units that don’t need to be installed alongside tanks or a cylinder. Zanussi combi boilers have domestic hot water outputs of 30 kW and 35 kW, making them well suited to homes with 1-2 bathrooms.

Zanussi Ultra combi boilers have a high efficiency rating of 93% which means that for every £1 spent heating your home only only 7p is lost through heat contained in waste gases expelled through the flue pipe.

Boiler Model kW Efficiency Warranty Typical Price
Zanussi Ultra Combi 30kW Gas Boiler 24.2 kw 93% 2 years £N/A VIEW
Zanussi Ultra Combi 35kW Gas Boiler 24.2 kw 91% 2 years £N/A VIEW

Review the pricing of Zanussi Ultra system boilers

Zanussi have a number of system boilers with central heating outputs ranging from 15 kW up to 30 kW. They’re highly efficient, with efficiencies of 92-93% which could help to lower your energy bills and an extensive 10 year warranty is available.

Boiler Model kW Efficiency Warranty Typical Price
Zanussi Ultra System 15kW Gas Boiler 15 kw 93% 2 years £N/A VIEW
Zanussi Ultra System 18kW Gas Boiler 18kw 92% 2 years £N/A VIEW
Zanussi Ultra System 24kW Gas Boiler 24.2 kw 93% 2 years £N/A VIEW
Zanussi Ultra System 30kW Gas Boiler 30.3 kw 93% 2 - 10 years £N/A VIEW

To get quotes for a new Zanussi boiler quickly and easily send us an enquiry today. We’ll be in touch to provide you with free, no-obligation quotes from up to 3 Gas Safe registered engineers in your area.

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Zanussi combi boiler range

Reliable, easy to install and highly efficient, Zanussi’s Ultra Combi boilers are available in a number of different outputs to suit your hot water requirements.

All the components are neatly tucked away within the boiler meaning no external cylinder is required so you can position it in your cupboard or other small space with no fuss.

Benefits of a Zanussi Ultra combi boiler

Zanussi Ultra Combi 30 Gas Boiler

  • Reliable
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Compact space-saver maximises room in your home
  • Up to 10 year parts and labour warranty available
  • Boiler frost protection
  • Built-in, easy to use filling loop
  • Simple diverter valve design
  • Two stage flame sensing for greater reliability
  • Latest generation Honeywell gas valve
  • Fully modulating operation to low outputs
  • Automatic bypass
  • ErP compliant
  • Easy to install
  • Compact cupboard fit
  • Low lift weight (32kg)
  • Wide range of additional flueing options
  • Visually impaired user fascia option
  • Preformed copper tails and pre-wired mains lead
  • Universal condensate connection
  • Compatible with a range of additional controls inc. weather compensation

There are so many options when it comes to making the decision to replace your boiler and we understand it can be a daunting challenge, particularly when you consider the potential costs.

While it may be tempting to go with the cheapest option we strongly recommend that you take the time to ensure you choose the right system for you and your home. Quick wins now may mean costly repairs or replacements down the line whereas the right choice will improve your energy efficiency and, most importantly, save you money.

The amount of water you use each day, the installation space in your home and any ongoing maintenance needed should all impact your decision.

We can help simplify your decision process by providing you with 3 no obligation, free quotes from professional installers in your area.

Zanussi Ultra system boiler

If hot water is in high demand in your home a Zanussi Ultra System boiler may be the best choice for you.

Highly efficient and reliable, the use of an external storage cylinder (usually stored in an airing cupboard) ensures a supply of hot water is available to all your radiators, baths, showers and taps on demand.

Zanussi’s Ultra System boilers are available in an array of outputs ensuring you get the boiler to suit your hot water demand: 15kW, 18kW, 24kW, 30kW.

Benefits of a Zanussi Ultra System boiler

Zanussi Ultra System Gas Boiler

  • Reliable
  • Provides a consistent supply of hot water, even when demand is high
  • Up to 10 year parts and labour warranty available
  • Boiler frost protection
  • Built-in, condensate trap
  • Simple diverter valve design
  • Latest generation Honeywell gas valve
  • Two stage flame sensing for better reliability
  • Fully modulating operation down to 4.8 kW
  • ErP compliant
  • Easy to install
  • Compact cupboard fit
  • Wide range of additional flueing options
  • Concealed pipe connections
  • Low lift weight (27.7kg)
  • Preformed copper tails
  • Stand-off kit and pre-pipe options
  • Pre-wired mains lead
  • Easy Access to PRV and AAV
  • Universal condensate connection
  • Digital display and simple diagnostics

If you think a Zanussi boiler could be the one for you, it may be time to find an installer to get your new system up and running. Installation costs can vary so make sure you get comparative quotes.

Let us take the hard work away and send us an enquiry today. Get quotes for a new Zanussi boiler.

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Zanussi boiler service

It’s important to keep your boiler in the best possible condition with an annual boiler service by a professional engineer. This will ensure the boiler can operate as efficiently as possible, keeping heating bills to a minimum, and that there are no potential safety issues to be concerned about. A boiler service is also a great way to catch and fix small repairs before they have the chance to worsen over time and cause an expensive breakdown. Find out what’s involved in an annual boiler service, why it’s so important, the benefits and how much they cost in Zanussi Boiler Service.

Zanussi boiler warranty

Every boiler manufacturer offers a standard warranty with their boilers which last between 1-10 years. The warranty is your insurance policy and means if a fault develops the manufacturer will resolve it within a specified time frame. Some warranties include both parts and labour while others may only cover parts. The most important thing to remember is to get your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer every year as failing to do so is likely to invalidate your warranty. For more detail about this brand’s warranty (including the small print) take a look at Zanussi Boiler Warranty.

Zanussi Boiler repair advice

Even the highest quality boiler can develop faults and problems as they age. Some are minor issues you may be able to handle yourself but most will need a Gas Safe registered engineer to diagnose and repair the problem. To find out if there are any common problems associated with this manufacturer you can read our guide to Zanussi Boiler Repairs & Common Zanussi Boiler Problems.


Visit the Zanussi website for further details.

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