How Much Does a Boiler Service Cost?

How Much Does a Boiler Service Cost?

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A boiler service typically costs between £80 to over £100, but prices will vary depending on which engineer or company you choose to carry out the service, where you live and the type/condition/age of your boiler. The price may increase if your boiler needs a repair in addition to the standard servicing procedures.

Whether you have a gas or an oil boiler, the service needs to be carried out by a qualified heating engineer. For gas boilers this is a Gas Safe registered engineer and for oil boilers they should be registered with OFTEC.

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Types of boiler service and costs

There are 2 options when it comes to paying for a boiler service. The most popular is to pay for the service as a one off when it’s carried out, but some people take out boiler cover plans which include servicing amongst other kinds of boiler protection.

One-off boiler service cost

Paying for a one off boiler service will cost between £80-£100 on average, but this is likely to vary depending on where you live in the country (London is typically more expensive) and the type of boiler you have. An older boiler is likely to need more thorough servicing which will take longer and may require additional repairs.

Boiler cover cost

A boiler cover plan is essentially insurance for your boiler. Rather than paying for the service in a lump sum, you would pay a monthly fee of between £9-£13 (on average). Over a year this is more costly as you’ll be paying between £108-£156, but in addition to the servicing costs you would also be covered for the cost of repairs, 24-hour emergency breakdowns or a boiler replacement if it is needed.

One-off boiler service vs boiler cover

In terms of keeping costs to a minimum, paying for a one-off boiler service makes better financial sense for most people. This is especially true if your boiler is only a few years old as breakdowns are unlikely to happen. However, if your boiler is over 8 years old or needs repairing on a regular basis, a boiler cover plan may be a good choice as you may be able to avoid the larger costs of repairs or a replacement.

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Do you need to service your boiler? Yes, and here’s why…

Any manufacturer’s warranty you received with your boiler becomes void if you do not have it professionally serviced every 12 months. When you warranty is void, you’re no longer covered for the costs of parts and labour should the boiler break down.

Regardless of whether or not your boiler is under a manufacturer’s warranty, it’s still essential that you book an annual boiler service. The service is an engineer’s opportunity to check all the components in the boiler are in good working order and to identify problems before they lead to costly and inconvenient breakdowns. If/when your boiler breaks down you will be left with no heating and/or hot water for your home until you can find an engineer to fix the problem and you’re likely to be facing significant costs.

A boiler is very much like a car in the sense that it will run much more effectively when it is well maintained. If it is left too long without professional attention, it will become less efficient at burning fuel which means higher heating bills and unnecessary carbon emissions which damage the planet.

Finally, the service includes several safety checks which will give you peace of mind that your boiler doesn’t pose a danger to your home and family.

Find out more about what’s involved in a boiler service.

How much does a boiler repair cost?

On average, boiler repairs cost between £150 for minor replacement parts and £400 or more for key components like a heat exchanger. If the boiler is not able to be repaired, a replacement is likely to cost between £2,000-£4,500.

If your boiler is still protected by the manufacturer’s warranty the cost of the repair may already be covered so it’s best to check with the manufacturer. Warranty lengths can vary between 1-12 years but may not cover all parts and labour.

When to get your boiler serviced

Often the best time of year to get your boiler serviced is the summer. If you wait until the winter, engineers will be much busier and you may struggle to get an appointment which suits you. In addition, engineers are often much more competitive in their pricing during their quieter summer months so you may be able to find a cheaper deal. If the engineer does find an issue with the boiler which requires a repair, it won’t be as inconvenient to have the work done (i.e. the boiler shut off) in warmer weather. You’ll also be able to rest easy knowing that the boiler is in the best possible condition for when the colder weather arrives.

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