What Is A Regular Boiler?

A Regular boiler is usually found in traditional heating systems including a tank in the loft & hot water cylinder.

Regular boilers are the oldest type of boiler around and can also be known as Traditional, Conventional or Heat Only boilers. In the past, Regular boilers were installed into homes as standard but you now have the option of System and Combi boilers too.

From the name, you might think that Regular boilers have been left behind by System and Combi boilers, but as time has gone by, Regular boilers have advanced, making them more efficient than ever and still a viable option for many homes.

How Does A Regular Boiler Work?

Regular boilers are fitted with several parts including a boiler, heating controls, a hot water cylinder, a cold water storage tank and a feed and expansion cistern.

The cold water storage tank fills with water from the mains to deliver cold water down to the cylinder. That water is then heated by the cylinder to make the cold water hot. You then have a cylinder full of hot water that can be used for taps and showers when required, even at the same time.

In the loft is a feed and expansion tank that feeds the boiler system and works to maintain the correct level of water in the heating system. When heated, water expands, which results in an excess of hot water that flows from the central heating system to find its way back into the tank.

To provide heating, cold water from the tank in the loft feeds down to the boiler with a helping hand from gravity. When the boiler ignites, a heat exchanger warms up the water then a pump transports the water to the hot water storage tank to use during the day. It will then travel to the radiators when you set the thermostat.

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Why Choose A Regular Boiler?

High demand for heating and hot water
If you live in a large home with several bathrooms or have an especially high demand for heating and hot water, a Regular boiler is the ideal choice. By storing hot water, ready to be sent to taps and radiators for use when required, hot water can be served to several places simultaneously.

Simple to replace an older system
If you live in an older home with a traditional heating system, then a Regular boiler will require very few changes to the pipework.

They’ve become more efficient
Regular boilers that are a few years old should probably be replaced with a new one as it could make your home much more efficient and help to reduce the cost of your bills. Some Regular boilers can now reach efficiencies of as high as 97%.

Fit an immersion heater as a backup
To ensure that you won’t go without hot water if your boiler breaks down, you can fit an immersion heater to the hot water tank for an alternative way to heat the water.

Solar compatible
Many Regular boilers can work with solar thermal panels to generate warm water using energy from the sun that then feeds into the central heating system.

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Things to Consider with Regular Boilers

Take up a lot of room
As you need space for a hot water tank and a cylinder, Regular boilers require lots of space which means that they aren’t really suitable in homes where space is limited.

Hot water isn’t instant
The hot water is stored, which means that once it’s used up, you’ll need to wait for more water to heat up. It’s important to think about how much water is used around your home when choosing a water cylinder.

Heat loss
Another downside to the water being is stored is potential heat loss. To help prevent this, ensure that your hot water tank is well insulated.

Expensive installation
As they require separate parts throughout the house, installing a new Regular boiler system can be a lengthy and costly process.

Which Are The Top Regular Boiler Brands?

Regular boilers are available in either gas or oil, with most manufacturers making several models available. Rather than list every range available by all of these manufacturers, we’ve listed the ones that consistently receive customer satisfaction and engineer recommendations:

Manufacturer Ideal Vaillant Worcester-Bosch
EvoMax, Mexico HE, Logic Heat, Logic Max Heat and Logic Plus Heat
ecoFIT Pure, ecoTEC Plus and the Home
2-10 years
2-5 years
2-5 years
Up to 89%

How Much Does A Regular Boiler Cost?

There’s a variety of Regular boilers available on the market by a number of manufacturers, meaning that there’s a wide range of potential prices from around £550 to upwards of £4,500. This price range doesn’t include the price of installation which will vary depending on the engineer carrying out the work. We recommend getting up to 3 quotes to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

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