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ACV vs Elnur: Electric Boiler Comparison

Nick Geary
By: Nick Geary
Updated: 3rd October 2023

ACV vs Elnur E-Tec

Rather than burning fossil fuels, electric boilers generate central heating and domestic hot water using only electricity. Given that burning fossil fuels is bad for the environment and the supply isn't sustainable, electric heating systems look set to become a big part of the future of heating.

As many electric boilers aren't manufactured by the same recognisable names as natural gas and oil units, we've put 2 leading electric boilers head-to-head: ACV vs Elnur.

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Is an electric boiler right for your home?

Electric boilers are best suited to smaller homes, as they can't meet the higher heating and hot water demands of larger properties. The best way to work out which output rating you need is by allowing 1.5 kW per radiator in your home. So, if you have 6 radiators then a 9 kW electric boiler should provide enough central heating to meet demand. However, a heating engineer will be the best person to consult when it comes to finding a new boiler for your home.

Find out more about electric boiler sizing: What Size Electric Boiler Do I Need?

Get to know ACV and Elnur

ACV manufactures electric and gas boilers of such quality that has seen them become a leading name in hot water generation. Their key selling point is the use of stainless steel which increases their units resistance to corrosion and extends lifespan.

Elnur has built up a strong reputation since 1973 to become a leading boiler manufacturer in over 35 countries. Their electric heating systems are recognised for being reliable, long-lasting and highly efficient.

ACV electric boilers

ACV electric boilers are available in a range of outputs from 15 kW up to 36 kW with options for single phase and 3 phase electricity supplies. The units are all made up of a 10 litre expansion tank, pressure gauge, safety valve, pump, low water pressure switch and automatic air vent.

E-Tech W electric boilers are an ideal central heating solution and can also provide domestic hot water when installed alongside an ACV Domestic Hot Water Kit.

ACV Electric Boiler Output Rating Seasonal Space Heating Efficiency Warranty
E-Tech 15W Mono 15kW 37% 1 year
E-Tech 15W Tri 15kW 37% 1 year
E-Tech 22W Tri 22kW 37% 1 year
E-Tech 28W Tri 28kW 37% 1 year
E-Tech 36W Tri 36kW 37% 1 year

Choosing to have an ACV electric boiler installed will see you benefit in the following ways:

  • Fitted with INCOLOY 800 heating elements which aids performance and helps to extend lifetime
  • Able to provide dual temperature outputs for different circuits (eg radiators and underfloor heating)
  • An integrated circulating pump which helps to reduce the installation time
  • Silent in operation

Elnur electric boilers

Elnur electric boilers are available as either combi or system boilers and there's also a wide choice of output ratings (from 3 kW up to 15 kW). This will give you greater choice when it comes to finding a suitable heating system for your home.

Elnur Electric Boiler Output Rating Seasonal Space Heating Efficiency Warranty
Mattira MAC 15 3 3kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAC 15 4 4kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAC 15 5 5kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAC 15 6 6kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAC 15 7 7kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAC 15 8 8kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAC 15 9 9kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAC 15 10 10kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAC 15 11 11kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAC 15 12 12kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAC 15 13 13kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAC 15 15 15kW 36.4% 5 years

As well as being covered by an extensive 5 year warranty, Mattira MAC boilers offer a number of benefits:

  • Made using insulated steel to help prevent heat loss
  • 50 litre domestic hot water tank
  • Electronic heating modulation
  • Automatic heating regulation mode
  • Components protected by stainless steel
  • Wall-mounted installation
  • Can be used with underfloor heating

As well as electric combi boilers, Elnur also has an extensive range of electric system boilers. These are heat-only units that can also provide domestic hot water when installed alongside a hot water cylinder.

Elnur Electric System Boiler Output Rating Seasonal Space Heating Efficiency Warranty
Mattira MAS 15 3 3kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAS 15 4 4kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAS 15 5 5kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAS 15 6 6kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAS 15 7 7kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAS 15 8 8kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAS 15 9 9kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAS 15 10 10kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAS 15 11 11kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAS 15 12 12kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAS 15 13 13kW 36.4% 5 years
Mattira MAS 15 15 15kW 36.4% 5 years

Whether your home has a low or high demand for heating, Elnur are likely to have a suitable unit and all of them offer a number of benefits:

  • Silent TRIAC power switches
  • Modulation which helps to reduce energy waste
  • 6 litre expansion vessel
  • Digital display to make it user friendly
  • Wall-mounted installation

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Compare ACV and Elnur

To find the right electric boiler for your home, it's important to compare electric boilers in a number of areas, including:

  • Efficiency
  • Warranty
  • Potential Cost

And we've done these comparisons to save you from having to do them yourself.


If you're used to gas or oil boilers, then electric boiler efficiency might seem a bit confusing. The reason their efficiency appears so low is because they're hit by a fuel factor as electricity is considered a carbon intensive fuel.

ACV have boosted the efficiency of their E-Tech W boilers with the inclusion of heating elements made from INCOLOY 800 stainless steel and a high-efficiency charging pump.

Elnur boilers are able to achieve 100% efficiency thanks to the TRIAC technology and external chrono thermostat, which work together to weigh up heating capacity with the demands of the home. Doing this prevents the heating system from using more energy than is needed, helping to keep your energy usage and energy bills down to a minimum.


When comparing boilers, whether electric, gas or oil, the warranty should always be an important part of your consideration.

ACV electric boilers come with a 1 year warranty as standard, that will see you're covered against any faults that have come about due to poor workmanship.

Elnur boilers come with a 5 year warranty which will see that you're protected against any faulty materials or defective parts as a result of the manufacturing process. Units with an internal hot water cylinder are also covered by a 5 year warranty.


Other than the Elnur Mattira MAC combi boilers, which is the most expensive range in this comparison, there isn't too much between the potential cost of an ACV or Elnur electric boiler. And while you could be parting with a bit more money for an Elnur, their electric boilers can also be found at a lower price than an ACV too.

Electric Boiler Range Potential Cost (Before Installation)
ACV E-Tech £1,128 – £1,820
Elnur Mattira MAC £2,100 – £2,370
Elnur Mattira MAS £1,025 – £1,200

Thanks to having a wider range of outputs to choose from and a lengthier warranty, if you find that you're having to pay more for an Elnur, it's probably worth the extra investment.

ACV vs Elnur: Which electric boiler manufacturer is the winner?

For anyone living in a small home or flat that's either not connected to the gas network or wants more flexibility with where to install the boiler, an electric boiler is a great option.

ACV and Elnur both offer a number of reliable electric boilers but thanks to their extensive range, 5 year warranty and focus on efficiency, we're crowning Elnur to victors of this boiler comparison.

More electric boiler brands

ACV and Elnur aren't the only manufacturers making electric boilers available across the UK:

Our comparison of the Best Electric Boilers will help you find the right unit for your home.

Interested in an electric boiler?

If you're planning to switch from a gas or oil boiler to an electric boiler then you can get free quotes for the installation using Boiler Guide. We have a network of qualified boiler installers right across the UK and by completing our simple online form, we'll connect you with up to 3 installers in your area within moments.

You'll get free quotes from each of the installers who contact you and there's no-obligation to accept them.

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Nick Geary

About the author

Nick Geary

Nick has a wide range of experience writing about conventional and renewable heating solutions, and is always increasing his knowledge by researching any new heating technologies on the horizon.

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