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Electric Heating Company Boilers Prices, Reviews & Compare 2021

As suggested by its name, the Electric Heating Company or EHC specialises in electrical heating and hot water systems including electric boilers, electric radiators, hot water cylinders, electric panel heaters and space heating. EHC has also developed EcoSave Wi-Fi ready electric heaters and Solar PV Ready Electric Radiators.

For properties with no gas supply, or households looking to reduce their gas consumption, gas boiler restrictions, electric boilers are the ideal solution. EHC offers a range of single-phase combi flow and system boilers for small, medium and large homes as well as 3-phase systems for commercial installations.

  • Output rating: The central heating output and domestic hot water output ratings relate to size of property and level of demand for heating and hot water a boiler will be suitable for installation within. The output rating is measured in kilowatts (kW) and you should add 1.5 kW for each radiator in your home.

  • Efficiency: One of the benefits of electric boilers is their ability to achieve high levels of efficiency. Electric boilers are often 100% efficient, meaning that all of the fuel is converted into usable energy.

  • Warranty: Boilers come with a warranty which is a period of time where the manufacturer will cover the parts and/or labour if there’s a fault. The length of the warranty will vary from boiler to boiler as will what’s covered by the manufacturer. This is why it’s important to compare warranties.

  • Price: Electric Heating Company boilers are available from around £700 right up to £2,500.

If you’re interested in an electric boiler manufactured by the Electric Heating Company then you can compare up to 4 models using our Boiler Comparison Tool. Simply tap the ‘add boiler’ symbol to include a boiler as part of your comparisons.

Compare the costs of Electric Heating Company combi boilers

Electric combi boilers deliver heating and hot water on demand with no need for any additional tanks or cylinders. This makes them an effective space-saving solution for smaller homes. Electric Heating Company combi boilers have output ratings to suit homes with between 6 and 10 radiators.

Compare Electric Heating Company system boilers

System boilers operate in a similar way to combi boilers but store water in a cylinder rather than delivering it to the taps on demand. This allows them to meet higher levels of demand for domestic hot water.

If you’re looking to replace your current boiler with an EHC electric boiler, get in touch today and you can get up to 3 free boiler replacement quotes from approved engineers near you.

Benefits of Electric Heating Company combi boilers

The Comet Combi boiler from EHC is available in a range of outputs between 9-14.4 kW and includes 144 litres of hot water storage capacity. The boiler and cylinder are both contained in one compact unit which can provide hot water for a wet central heating system and domestic use.

  • No flue is required
  • No fumes and or risk of explosion
  • 100% energy efficient
  • Economic running costs
  • Provides a complete heating and hot water solution
  • Supplied pre-plumbed and pre-wired for ease of installation
  • Compact design maximises space in the home and minimises installation work
  • Timer and Thermostat included for 24/7 controllability
  • ‘S’ Plan enables you to select switch between heating or hot water functions or use both at the same time
  • Multiple fail-safes fitted in unit
  • Simple control panel for temperatures (40-85 degrees), flow rate, pressure, diagnostics and maintenance

Benefits of Electric Heating Company system boilers

The Fusion Comet System boiler from EHC is available in a range of outputs between 9-14.4 kW in single-phase or 24 kW in three-phase. The boiler has been engineered to within minimal external plumbing and pipe work for ease of installation as it includes the pump, auto-air vent, automatic bypass and expansion vessel within the compact casing. This boiler can be installed in a cupboard or mounted on a wall and includes a magnetic filter to prolong the life expectancy of the boiler. This boiler can provide central heating only (including underfloor heating) or can be installed alongside a hot water cylinder for central heating and hot water production.

EHC also manufacture the Fusion System boiler in outputs of 36 kW and 48 kW for particularly large properties, light commercial properties, hotels and guest houses with 3-phase electricity.

  • No flue required
  • No fumes or risk of explosion
  • 100% efficient
  • Economic running costs
  • Almost silent in operation
  • 24-hour control
  • Multiple fail-safes fitted in unit
  • LED indicators show operation status

Electric Heating Company SlimJim Flow Boilers & Prices

The SlimJim Flow Boiler from EHC is designed for small properties including apartments, holiday homes and light commercial properties where there is a lower demand for heating and installation space is limited. This compact boiler is available in single phase outputs between 4-14.4 kW and can be installed as a boiler only or with a choice of EHC Heat Packs.

Benefits of an Electric Heating Company Flow Boiler

  • Easy to install
  • Compact size
  • 100% efficient
  • No flue or fuel Tanks required
  • Can be installed almost anywhere
  • Nearly silent In Operation
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger and heating elements
  • No servicing required
  • Compatible with standard radiators & TRVs
  • Adjustable temperature controls (30-80 degrees)
  • In-built fault finding diagnostics

Electric Heating Company Boiler Service

Electric boilers don’t need the same level of servicing as other boiler types thanks to there being fewer moving parts. This means that you’ll be able to save money and time on arranging a service each year. However, you should still get your electric boiler looked over by a professional engineer during its lifetime to ensure its safe and efficient running.

Electric Heating Company Boiler Warranty

The warranty should be an important part of your considerations when comparing replacement boilers. It’s your insurance policy should a fault develop within the unit and gives you the peace of mind that you’re covered by the manufacturer.

All boilers come with a standard warranty, usually lasting between 1-10 years, with the option to extend in some cases. It’s important to check the terms and conditions of the warranty so that you know what the manufacturer covers, if it can become invalid and how long you’re covered for.

EHC include a 2 year standard warranty on parts and labour which can be lengthened to up to 5 years with the Extended Warranty option.

Electric Heating Company Boiler Repair Advice

Even the most reliable boilers can develop faults, especially as they age. There are some faults you can repair yourself but the majority should only be repaired by a fully qualified engineer.

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Electric Heating Company Boiler Error Codes

Should there be an issue with your EHC boiler, the digital screen will display a code to help you identify the cause of the problem. This could range from something simple that you could resolve yourself, such as low boiler pressure, right up to something technical that requires the expertise of a fully-qualified heating engineer.

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Excellent 4.7 out of 5
Excellent 4.7 out of 5

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