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 4.7 stars

1,247 reviews

 4.7 stars

1,247 reviews

Electric Heating Company Fusion Comet Electric System Boiler 14.4kW

Electric Heating Company Fusion Comet Electric System Boiler 14.4kW Boiler
Typical Price (inc VAT)
Typical installation Cost (inc VAT)*
£500 - £1000
Sundries (Filter, Flue, etc)
Total Cost
£2,262 - £2,762

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Make Electric Heating Company
Model Fusion Comet Electric System Boiler 14.4kW
Is Condensing N/A
Efficiency Rating 100%
Band Rating D Heat
LPG Compatible No
Standard Warranty 2 Years
Central Heating Max. Output 14.4kW
Mounting Floor Standing
Flow Rate N/A
Typical Price (inc VAT) £1,462
Typical installation Cost (inc VAT)* £500 - £1000
Sundries (Filter, Flue, etc) £300
Total Cost £2,262 - £2,762

* This is a guide price for a straightforward, like-for-like boiler replacement. Installation costs will vary dependent on work required.

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Product Description

The Fusion Astro Comet is a floor-standing electric boiler designed and manufactured by the Electric Heating Company with an output rating of 14.4 kW.

Why choose an electric boiler?

Choosing to install an electric boiler over other boiler types comes with many benefits, including zero emissions during operation, high levels of efficiency, no risk of a carbon monoxide leak and a quick response when you need central heating or hot water.

Why is the efficiency different to gas?

Electric boilers often have a 99-100% efficiency rating but this isn’t enough for them to have an ErP rating any higher than a D. However, boilers that run on gas rarely achieve efficiencies over 93% but are awarded an ErP A-rating for efficiency. So, why is this?

Well, it’s all to do with how electricity is generated back at the power station. In the UK, the majority of electricity generation is done by burning fossil fuels which releases carbon into the atmosphere - twice as much as natural gas generation. For this reason, electricity is considered carbon intensive and is hit by a fuel factor which increases the cost per unit. So while the electric boiler itself can run to highly efficient levels, electricity generation is responsible for high levels of carbon being released into the atmosphere.

Could a Fusion Comet save me money?

While electricity is a more expensive fuel than gas and oil, choosing an electric boiler will help save you money in other areas. For example, electric boiler installation is simpler than than the installation of other boilers, which could potentially save you around £250 on the installation. Also, there’s no need to arrange an annual service, saving you between £60 - £120 each year and as there are fewer moving parts, there’s much less chance of a fault developing.

How efficient is the Fusion Comet?

Fusion Comet electric boilers are highly efficient, converting all energy into heat, as shown by the 100% efficiency rating. As electricity generation is considered carbon intensive, the ErP rating is only a D.

Where can this boiler be installed?

A major benefit of electric boilers is that installation is highly flexible as they don’t need a flue, meaning that they don’t need to be installed onto an external wall. Fusion Comet boilers are also compact in size so won’t take up much space and as they’re floor-standing can be tucked out of sight and out of mind.

Is the Fusion Comet 14.4kW boiler suitable for my home?

This output rating of 14.4 kW makes this unit is suitable for homes with around 10 radiators.

Are there any alternative options in the Fusion Comet range?

This range of electric boilers from the Electric Heating Company also includes output ratings of 9 kW and 12 kW, in addition to the 14.4 kW option. What are the key features of the Fusion Comet?

Some of the key features of the Fusion Comet include an inbuilt programmer with system diagnostics, a wireless thermostat that includes weather compensation which will automatically modulate and reduce the boiler’s input temperature in relation to the external temperature to reduce boiler cycling and potentially save up to 15% energy, an energy saving smart pump, full power modulation, stainless steel heat exchanger, high current thermal cut out, digital pressure gauge, magnetic filter tank with cleansing feature and a solar DHW PV connection. Fusion Comet boilers also have an inbuilt controller or “navigation button” which allows for easy access to the boiler settings, various pre-set times that can be easily adjusted to suit the user’s heating and domestic hot water requirements for ease of installation. A wireless room thermostat is supplied but you can alternatively use a 3rd party smart thermostat.

How long is the warranty period?

Available with a 2 year warranty on the boiler as standard.

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