Top Tips For Buying a New Boiler

New Boiler

So, you’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and invest in a new energy efficient boiler. Which means saying goodbye to that old inefficient boiler and hello to a brand spanking new A-Rated model.

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Of course, making the decision to buy a new boiler is one of those expensive capital outlays you don’t make every day. Choosing the right boiler for your budget and your home can be a bit of a minefield to say the least, particularly with all the different makes and models on the market. But help is at hand thanks to Boiler Guide’s top tips.

As a general rule, if your boiler is in excess of 10 years old, even if it seems to be working well, it could be time to invest in a newer A-grade high efficiency model. Here at Boiler Guide, we’ve come up with our top tips and advice to help you successfully source a new boiler.

Do Your Research

A new boiler is an important purchase so a little bit of research should help you narrow down your choices. In these tough economic times, it pays more than ever to do some research before parting with your hard earned cash. Remember Google is your friend.


For most people budget dictates our choices. Therefore, it’s imperative to be clear on your budget – and, more importantly, make sure you stick to it. The price of the boiler will depend on several things: the brand, the type and also what size boiler you opt to have installed. It’s worth checking to see if there are any available finance deals, but don’t fall into the trap of paying out more than you can a) afford and b) feel comfortable paying.

It’s also important to remember that the price tag attached to a boiler doesn’t include the cost of installation. There isn’t a set installation price for all boilers which makes comparing quotes from several heating engineers vital to help you find the best deal for you.

Get More Than One Quote

We recommend you source three boiler quotes, and make sure you get the quotes in writing. Also, it’s worth remembering that the cheapest quote is not necessarily always the best quote. Look at what you are getting for your money, such as warranties and guarantees.

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What Type of Boiler

From old back boilers and sealed system boilers to combi and condensing boilers, what type of boiler you opt for will depend on a number of things. Size, output, cost and efficiency all need to be considered. Combination boilers – more commonly referred to as Combi boilers are a popular choice. Whatever make and model you choose, today’s modern boilers are far more energy efficient than the old back boiler you would have fitted behind the fireplace. You could also look into more environmentally sound heating systems, such as biomass boilers.

Where Will You Put Your New Boiler

The location for your new boiler is an important factor to consider. Most boilers today are designed to be compact and lighter enabling them to be conveniently wall mounted. Free standing boilers tend to be narrower, allowing them to be fitted between kitchen units.

How Many People in Your Household

The number of people in your home is another important factor to consider in determining what type of boiler will be most beneficial for your needs.

Find Out if You Qualify for any Grants

For most people, cost is going to be pivotal when it comes to buying a new boiler. So it’s worth looking to see if you are eligible for a boiler grant by visiting While some installers run special discounts, others offer buy now pay later schemes. In the latter case, always check the small print because this type of loan usually comes with an extremely high interest rate.  Although closed in England and Wales, Scottish residents are able to benefit from the boiler scrappage scheme.

Choose Your Installer Wisely

Ask friends and family for recommendations where possible. And always use a professional qualified heating engineer. So make sure they are Gas Safe registered – and check their credentials.

If you can look beyond the initial expense, installing a new energy efficient boiler is a worthwhile investment, not least because a new boiler can help reduce your central heating bills by up to 40%. Which, according to the Energy Saving Trust, could see you achieve an annual saving of up to £225.

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