Electric Boilers for Central Heating

Electric boilers are a fairly new invention in the world of heating appliances, with many types of electric boilers still on the rise as more discoveries are made regarding their improvement. Electric combi boilers are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility.

An electric boiler can replace any other small to medium size boiler in the home, and are known to be light, small and compact, often completely silent and, of course, boasting the main benefit of a low running cost. Since they only heat up a certain amount of hot water at a time, an electric boiler might not be suitable for larger households with higher levels of hot water usage, but are ideal for small properties.

It is most common to need an electric powered boiler in rural areas where oil or gas access may not be available, but also some new housing projects or flats are being fitted with electric boilers by choice due to its environmental and cost benefits.

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Choosing a type and make of boiler

Several brands in the UK offer a range of types and makes of electric combi boilers, with a range of 4kW up to 14.4kW as required. These include:

Heatrae Sadia – The ElectroMax Electric Combi Boiler; a compact boiler, designed to fit easily into a standard domestic airing cupboard, well adapted to apartments or flats. The Heatrae Sadia Amptec Electric Heating Boiler; a boiler with several available sizes depending on need, more suited for mobile homes or family houses.

Electric Heating Company – Fusion Electric System Boiler; these run in a range from 6kW to 14.4kW, requiring no flue, suitable for underfloor heating and suitable for central heating only, or central heating with hot water using a hot water cylinder. Fusion Electric E10 Combination Boilers; larger units, running from a 9kW/150 litre electric combination unit right up to a 14.4kW/170 litre electric combination unit for the more demanding household.

Thermaflow Electric Combi Boilers – Thermaflow 9kW Electric Combi Boilers; with 210, 250 and 330 litres, these are large and heavy in stainless steel. The components of the boiler come with a 2 year guarantee, with the main stainless steel cylinder protected by a 25 year guarantee.

Thermaflow Electric Combi Boilers – Thermaflow 12kW Electric Combi Boilers; also with 210, 250 and 330 litres, these are similar in size to the 9kW boilers by Thermaflow, and are also protected by a 2 year component part guarantee and a 25 year guarantee on the stainless steel cylinder of the boiler.

Dimplex Electric Boilers – Dimplex Ascari Modulating Electric Heating Boiler; a low maintenance boiler requiring no annual check, compatible with both standard radiators and underfloor heating, with 4-12kW maximum power. Small and stylish, this is ideal for the kitchen and will fit well beside most kitchen cabinets.

Trianco Electric Boilers – Trianco Aztec Classic Electric Boilers: a wall mounted practical central heating system that is well-suited to nearly all applications. The Aztec electric boiler range is available in five outputs, which range from 2kW to 12kW, as well as the option to link the boilers in combination to create even larger outputs. Trianco Aztec Gold Electric Boilers; a small electric boiler, designed for heating smaller areas, such as caravans, conservatories and loft-extensions. The Aztec Gold range is aesthetically pleasing and compact, and requires no flue, meaning it can be installed in many places at your convenience. Maintenance wise, it has its own self-diagnostic checking system and a thermal safety cut-out. It is also compatible with most underfloor heating.

With more and more electric boiler models becoming widely available and with natural gas unavailable in many rural areas it makes sense to consider installing an electric type as a new system or even as a boiler replacement.

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